How to Live to 100: Follow me, I’m almost there!


Who wouldn’t like to know how to live to 100? If it required changing one’s lifestyle, would people still be willing to do what was required.

I know that no one would want to live that long if they were unhealthy and in a lot of pain.

No one has found where the fountain of youth is to take a drink…

When I was a kid I always wished I knew the secret about how to live to 100. When I was ten years old I figured I didn’t have much to worry about and had about ninety or so years left to live. This was a load off my mind back then. When I got much older I always wondered what things those who live to one hundred and beyond had in common?

Here’s what I have uncovered through my own research…

  • Get Married or stay Married. Married people tend to live longer than single people
  • Exercise daily to keep yourself in good physical shape. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous. It could be light yard work and doing things around the house. I work out in my garage with weights and run around my pool with my dog
  • Limit sitting around. If you sit for an hour get up and walk around for fifteen minutes or so before you sit down again
  • Get out of the house and go someplace even if it’s the Library or the Store
  • Take a Walk and go to the Park
  • Limit TV News because it focuses on the Negative
  • Keep active mentally and physically through employment, hobbies, and special interests you love doing and have a passion for
  • Get down to your ideal weight. How many overweight people have you seen over 100 years old? Zero. They are slender and tend to have a positive outlook toward life
  • Don’t drink, smoke, or use drugs
  • Drink enough fresh water daily
  • Get outside in the sun and breathe fresh air
  • Eat simple; a low fat diet based primarily upon fresh raw organic fruits, vegetables, and berries
  • Don’t eat very many nuts and seeds
  • Don’t eat fried foods
  • Eat real live whole foods; nothing that comes in a can, bottle, or bag. Nothing processed
  • Avoid Salt, Sugar, and Oils
  • Early to bed and early to rise makes a man and woman (you know the rest…)
  • Have close relationships with family and friends
  • Think positive, have faith, be optimistic. Avoid negative thinking and worrisome thoughts. Most we worry about never happens. Be around positive people who don’t drag you down. Maybe, you have to change a few negative friends
  • Live in a healthful non-polluted environment
  • Do everything in moderation
  • Define or redefine your own life purpose and mission. It’s never to late to change your lifestyle

If you were born with good genes and your grandparents lived past 100, your chance for living longer increases

Different cultures have healthier populations than others, valuing and taking better care of their senior citizens. I believe those who feel cared about, valued, and loved live longer. Look at Japan’s culture.

There are certain traits that stand out about those who are 100 and over

They appear to be relatively outgoing, like being around people, are engaging and gregarious, accepting and nonjudgmental, have a positive attitude, and their own reflective philosophy of life.

Although, we’d all like to live forever, we know that’s not reality. No one has the secret formula how to live to 100. But, we can eat those things which will bring vibrant health.

For example, we know fruits and vegetables are good for us. We also all know Pizza and drive through Hamburgers aren’t health foods even though they taste good.

*Note – before you change your diet, consult your doctor to be safe