How to lose belly fat and keep it off, forever!

Wondering how to lose belly fat? I had that problem and I narrowed down what was causing it. Having a bigger belly is dangerous because there may also be fat surrounding some of our internal organs. It could be the crossroads to diabetes and heart disease. It’s visceral fat that develops in spaces around your intestines and stomach.

We all don’t want a so called ‘spare tire.’ It just doesn’t look that becoming for men or women. But, no one I see will tell you how to lose it for free. They want you to think it’s complicated and you have to put your fate in their hands. They want to profit off you, selling you their meals, pills, powders, drinks or exercise plans. You don’t need any of that potentially dangerous garbage!

There is a secret they won’t tell you. The secret is that there’s no secret. The real truth is that it won’t cost you more than your current grocery bill. You simply have to change the way you eat by shopping differently at your local grocery store.

Belly fat losing tips

  • Avoid drinking sugary drinks and fruit juice
  • Stay away from snack and junk food
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Don’t eat refined grain products or processed food that comes in bags, boxes, cans or other containers. They contain a lot of added salt, sugar and oil
  • Eat potatoes and brown rice
  • Eat beans!
  • Exercise moderately
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink filtered water
  • Take B12 if you don’t eat meat or dairy
  • Train yourself to get away from your sweet craving ‘comfort foods’ like ice cream and cookies by substituting a banana or other fruit. You can do this in time

When I got stuck at around 185 lbs., I discovered I was pigging out way too much on refined foods like corn tortillas and bread. I wasn’t getting enough fuel to run on. So, I learned to ‘up’ my intake of fruit during the day for healthy calories.

Snack foods contain the ’empty calories’ that add the pounds. I also learned to eat fruit at night, instead of the usual weight gainer junk food snacks like greasy potato chips, ice cream, cold cereal and wheat crackers.

I cut all that out and immediately began losing weight again. Being that refined grain is so prevalent in processed foods, this could be your Achilles’ heel just like me. Refined grain was my weight gainer.

I always have been a big 'chip' fan. So, I bought a microwave 
widget online to make my own healthy homemade chips. 

I loved snack and junk foods like anyone else. But, it’s not healthy and shows up on the scale when you step on it. Again, these snacks are loaded with way too much salt, sugar and oil. We need to find substitutes to replace all the wrong foods which increase all the extra belly fat we are wearing.

So, when you crave sweets, train yourself to reach for fruit. If we want to get healthier, lose weight and live longer our new diet has to be plant based whole foods. It’s been a few years now, and so far, it’s working out great for me.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.