How to lose weight and keep it off, forever!

The US is a youth based culture. Being trim and fit and looking good is the number one priority for many of us. Everyone wants the secret to lose weight. But, the secret is simple and free to those who look beyond all the weight loss hype.

The surprise is, that it costs only what your grocery food bill is. You save money. How can that be bad? Furthermore, what food you eat is key to losing weight, getting healthier and living longer. That isn’t the case for those continuing on the standard American diet which is so full of processed grains, fat, salt and sugar.

It isn’t complicated to lose weight. The diet plan marketers want you to think you need to believe in them so you fall into their trap and pay them your hard earned money. But, to do it entirely on your own, there is a learning curve. And, you do get tricked once in a while until you learn what to eat and not. We can also trick ourselves back to some of our old eating habits because snack and junk food is so addictive.

It’s our culture, and if you have to do it alone and live around those who do not want to adopt your new way of eating, it can be a very lonely hard journey back to being trim and healthy again.

Being at your ideal weight is essential for personal health and wellness. I know, I used to weigh over two hundred pounds. I was never meant for that much heftiness. In my younger years, I was always lean.

I have learned well that if one reduces his calorie intake close to his daily requirements, he will lose weight. But, there is nutritional content of the food to consider, too. Balance is essential like anything you do in life.

It’s just not calorie intake that should be focused upon. Most traditional diets, even the fad, focus too much on that. You need to eat such volume of food that you feel satisfied or satiated. What matters most is volume of food and its nutritional quality.

But, changing ones diet has a few pitfalls. We are addicted to some foods essentially going through withdrawals when we cease eating wheat and sugar. In due time, you will realize healthy steady weight loss is the best weight loss.