How to Lose Weight Fast

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to lose weight fast? There’s those who believe faster is better. But, I wouldn’t trust fast at the expense of my health. They want you to think only they hold some great truth about weight loss. The truth is, they don’t.

It took me about a year to lose forty pounds through my own research. It was trial and error all along the way and I had to adjust certain things I ate. For example, I gained weight and got stuck around 185 libs. when I kept eating processed carbs like cereal, bread and chips. I learned to substitute fruit and focused upon eating Brown Rice, Potatoes and Beans.

Although my way is a slower way, in my opinion it is a sure and safe way to lose unwanted pounds. I believe it is the healthiest way to shrink back to the natural weight you were born to weigh. And, if you don’t back slide on the diet, you won’t gain it all back.

Many count calories on the Standard American Diet. But, it’s a diet doomed for failure. It is too high in calories and you would have to starve yourself to lose weight. And, then your metabolism would be in the starvation mode and you would find it very hard to lose any weight at all. You simply have to change what you eat to lose healthy weight.

It’s called a whole food plant based diet. But, I don’t eat any processed foods like Bread, Oil and things like Pastries. In other words, I eat whole fruit and whole vegetables like bananas and baked potatoes. Everything I eat is whole. I eat the whole food untampered with by human hands.

The Way I Eat

A vegetarian diet is naturally low in calories and has all the nutrients you need for your body to thrive. I am used to eating the way I do and don’t have to make sure I consume enough calories. I have learned how much to eat and what. It doesn’t take time to learn.

Losing weight vegetarian means you have to make sure you eat enough calories rather than monitoring them so you don’t get too many. Fruits provide the calories and nutrients, but green vegetables provide the missing nutrients fruits don’t provide. You get these from as little as two large green salads per day.

You might think you need carbohydrates. You get these in fruits and vegetables. As with fruits, you get the simple carbohydrates which are easier assimilated than the complex carbs you find in Potatoes and Brown Rice.

But, I need food that ‘stick to my ribs,’ so I eat Potatoes, Brown Rice and Beans. You might like Sweet Potatoes and Yams to substitute for White Potatoes. I don’t like them. I eat White Potatoes. Yet, once you get the hang of eating this way by finding those things you enjoy most, you will lose weight and get healthier at the same time. You have to eat what you like or you won’t stick to it.

How to Lose Weight Fast

The cravings for the old way of eating may always be in the background tempting you. This is especially true if you don’t get enough calories eating fruits during the day. You have to train yourself to grab a piece of fruit when you get cravings for fatty, salty and sugary snack foods. You can eat all the fruit you want. It’s not a problem. I eat a lot of Pineapple. I love Mangoes when they are in season.

For example, I need 2000 calories a day to lose weight and maintain it. My wife needs 1800.You can get these calories by eating twenty bananas a day. Some people do this, I guess. I don’t know them. I don’t think I could do that. Nevertheless, at first, you should make sure you get enough daily calories. Go to the USDA Super Tracker to figure out how many calories you need each day. It’s worthwhile. Once you know, you won’t forget. I only did it once. You also don’t need to exercise that hard. I don’t and I feel fine. Sometimes, I miss a day. It’s OK.

In the beginning, you might have to count your daily calories. Later, your appetite will dictate how much you eat. You can eat all the fruits and vegetables you desire and not worry about weight gain. But, I am sorry to say that there is not a way how to lose weight fast that I think is healthy and safe. Weight loss happens and better health grows over a reasonable time. Reasonable weight loss is five pounds a month, maybe slightly more losing weight vegetarian. It just depends upon how much you weigh.