How to Lose Weight safely and keep it off!

So, you want to know how to lose weight? Well, I will tell you how I did it. And, it’s free. It’s really simple to do if you follow the guidelines. But, you have to make your own food. I mean, you must prepare everything, so you know what’s in it.

Processed foods you buy at the store and when you eat out at restaurants and fast food establishments are loaded with salt, fat and sugar. You will not lose weight and stay healthy if you eat this way.

I lost forty pounds, and if I stay true to eating the way that got me here, I keep my weight down to where it is, now. But, the moment I start eating the way I did before, guess what? I gain weight rapidly and begin to feel lousy and have no energy like I did before. Sure, it sucks not being able to eat what things you did at fourteen years old. But, it’s a fact of life we all grow old.

Ever try to run your car on diesel fuel? It won’t work. Your gas engine was designed to run on gasoline. It’s the same with us humans. We were designed to eat like the primates. Yes, apes. We were designed to eat fruits and vegetables, not dairy and meat and all those preservatives and additives.

What I eat

  • I eat fruit, vegetables and legumes
  • I don’t eat anything out of a bag, box or can