How to Quit Snack and Junk Food

This kind of food usually makes us gain weight, never lose it. It is addicting because they make it that way on purpose. These are processed snacks like ice cream and junk food like chips.

I haven’t heard of anyone who didn’t love Bacon! I still love it, I just don’t eat it.

How about Chocolate? It’s all the junk food snacks you know you shouldn’t eat but get hungry for during the day and night.

The junk food industry studies everything about how and what we buy. They pay a lot of money to their scientists to make snacks you just can’t put down and will buy again. They package it nicely with pretty colors so it will catch your eye. The snacks get displayed in aisles researched that sell the most.

It’s a deadly problem I don’t think many of us are aware of. We go unconscious and before we know it a half gallon of ice cream or whole bag of potato chips are almost gone. Those who are depressed soothe themselves with food. See Food Addiction

You might think ‘what harm can candy or chips do?’ It’s hard to put your finger on the damage junk food causes to our health. You might get tired after eating something, have chronic inflammation, mysterious aches and pains, or just not feel good in general. You might also be seeing your doctor for some ailment or condition he can’t seem to diagnose and find a cure for…

It’s the Food

Junk food is insidious. You might not find out right away. But, look around you. Why does it seem everyone has at least one thing wrong with them? It’s the wrong food we put into our body. Junk food is heavily laden with salt, fat and sugar, additives, food coloring, preservatives and much of what you can’t even pronounce.

Junk food tastes good, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. If you change what you eat, your taste buds will start liking healthier food…

The Naysayers

If you are surrounded by those who think eating healthy is a bunch of malarkey, you have problems. It’s monkey see monkey do. If your entire family eats a lot of snack foods, guess what? You are goanna want to eat some, too. It’s the Standard American Diet we’ve all been brought up eating. And, this includes junk foods.

You have to do your own health research as to what’s healthy and not to eat. Furthermore, once you decide to lose weight and get healthier, your cravings should decrease for junk food. If it’s in your mind and you’ve decided you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you will begin to make progress toward achieving better health and losing weight.

Intention is Deciding

We may have trouble making a decision. Many have trouble with this. It’s like making a commitment. Although an intention to stop doing something can be difficult, we have to learn how to decide by ourselves. Your heart has to be in that thing you intend on doing, otherwise you are in trouble.

It’s not an easy change after a lifetime of eating the wrong foods. For example, while bacon tastes great, everyone knows it’s not healthy to eat. And, even though many of us know better, we slip back to our old eating habits. Decided it’s time for a change?

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.