How to Start Eating Healthy?

Here’s how to start eating healthy: choose plant based whole food from the good lists. That’s how I eat. I lost over forty pounds. I am strong and feel great. My blood pressure is low. I don’t go to the doctor. I did my research and there are reasons things like Eggplant and Tomatoes aren’t listed as good. They are Nightshades and can do bodily harm to those who are sensitive.

I also limit Seeds and Nuts because they have Lectins as beans do. That’s why I cook my beans in a crockpot to counteract it. Certain classes of foods like I’ve mentioned above can damage your gut and you won’t even realize they are causing any problems. For example, you may experience certain inflammatory ailments, conditions even diseases not knowing why you feel the way you do.

I Quit eating and drinking a few things

I stopped drinking Coffee. I absolutely loved it. I was so addicted. It was hard to stop, but I did it. I would still like a cup or two a day, but I don’t. It is acid and makes me crave certain foods. It messes with my emotions, blood pressure, causes Arteriosclerosis, and highs and lows in blood sugar.

Drinking it drove me to eat when not actually hungry. It made me have junk food cravings. It gave me mood swings and a feeling of impending doom. Why would I want to keep drinking something like that? It was habit. Avoid it even though it tastes good with milk and sugar. Even if it does have at least one health benefit it has more bad health effects than good ones. This goes for Tea, too. If you have a problem stopping eating or drinking something you simply say to yourself, ‘it’s something I don’t do anymore.’