How to Stop Eating Junk Food

I really don’t know how many people wonder how to stop eating junk food. Why would we? It tastes good and it is definitely addicting.

Anyway, how can junk food be so bad for us? There are many who don’t believe the food they are eating can actually cause harm.

But the truth is, that over a period of time it can cause disease, ailments and conditions, even death.

We have all heard that sugar is bad for us. We have also heard countless times there is bad cholesterol. There is also much confusion about which oils are healthy or unhealthy for you. As far as weight is concerned, how many times have you seen someone grossly overweight holding a bag of chips, a candy bar and an extra large glass of soda pop?

The Hypocrites

You must have also run into a few health nut freaks who start preaching to you about how you should eat. Most likely, they don’t look that healthy and may be overweight or even skinny. Skinny doesn’t always equate with healthy. For example, there are many so called health foods made with ‘processed Soy products’ loaded with salt, sugar and oil that aren’t very healthy at all.

I always loved junk food, but never knew how dangerous its ingredients were. I wondered why I was overweight, tired all the time, depressed and feeling unhealthy. Now, I eat differently, but when you live with those who don’t believe in eating healthy, the lack of support tends to lead you astray. So, you might have to be the lone wolf in setting a better example for how to eat healthier.

Stopping the Junk Food Habit

The answer to how to stop eating junk food is easy to say, but not to do. You just need to stop doing it. You have to want to do it. It takes will power. You need alternative food. Not a very good answer, but true.

One sure fire way I use to stop eating what I shouldn’t is to not go to the store hungry. Make sure you eat before you shop. I have bought many things I knew I shouldn’t eat when hungry. If it’s not in the cupboard or fridge, you can’t eat it.

Empty calorie foods like greasy salty potato ships supply little nutrition. Breaking the junk food habit is not easy at all, especially when you see it on TV and everyone around you eats all those snacks. It helps to have a supportive partner in choosing healthier things to eat.

It’s good when you try to sneak the wrong food and that special someone pops their head around the corner catching you red-handed stopping you from eating that which you know you shouldn’t

One Alternative: Do it Yourself Healthier Chips

For example, I make my own ‘healthier’ homemade potato chips in the microwave. These have no fat or added salt. I ordered a TopChips™ kit made by Mastrad on eBay with one tray. I ordered two extra silicone trays to make enough chips at once by stacking them. It comes with a slicer to slice the potato very thin.

I chose the Mastrad chip maker because I watched the ‘Crazy Russian Hacker’ on YouTube do a review on this particular chip maker. It won out over another which melted. It takes three to five minutes for each tray of crisp tasty chips. The time depends upon how many trays you stack. But, three is the limit in the micro. They’re delicious with a little salt.