How to stop weight gain by eating whole food

Eating more refined grain can cause weight gain. This page should be titled ‘weight GRAIN’. You don’t want empty calories. Everywhere you look, you see advertising that says how good ‘whole wheat’ and other grain is for you. It’s easy to buy into it. They do make the packaging pretty. But, they claim it’s heart healthy by lowering cholesterol making you lose unneeded pounds keeping your bowels working regularly.

Is this true? Of course, they want to sell their product, too. You are told to eat more grains. Why would this be? Grains aren’t nearly as nutritious as fruits and vegetables! They actually lack nutrients. You don’t want to replace higher nutrient foods with lower nutrient grains. It is not needed in the human diet. Grains, especially processed or refined are in snack and junk foods. These are the weight gainers! We all love those bad carbs!

Even if you consume more whole grains instead of refined grain products that have flour, you still have the problem of gluten and lectins. Wheat gluten and lectin can harm your intestinal tract leading to intestinal permeability or leaky gut. I believe that this in itself is solid ground for not consuming grain. But, it’s hard to stop eating it!

Refined carbohydrate foods like sugar, refined grains, fruit juice, soda pop, candy and bread break down fast elevating your blood sugar whereby insulin (if you don’t burn the sugar up right away) will turn it into fat you’re goanna wear on your body.

The most dangerous fat is belly fat. Interior fat can encircle the organs. You don’t want to make yourself heart attack prone, you want to be heart attack proof. Have you seen the bellies of cows and pigs? Guess what they predominately eat? Yes, grain.

Have you looked at the calorie content of a whole grain granola bar, lately? For example, my step daughter has a granola bar in the cupboard having 260 calories. It weights about two and a half ounces. Not too big, but packed with calories.

A medium sized potato has about 110. But, the potato has no sugar, salt, refined carbs or fat added. The granola bar will make you gain weight, while the potato will not. And, although the granola bar has some whole grain, it has over twice the carbs Mr. potato has.

On the surface, these so-called health food manufacturers make it sound healthy saying their product has whole grain in it. This particular granola bar has over five types of sugar syrups in it! For example, the second ingredient is organic rolled oats.

But, the number one ingredient (which is the largest) is organic brown rice syrup! Therefore, don’t be fooled! Become an avid label reader or simply eat plant based whole food. There are no wrappers you have to undo and no additives and preservatives you have to worry about!

We can easily be tricked into thinking something is healthy when it’s not. Wheat gluten reacts with the ‘opiate’ receptors of the brain. Yes, it is addictive! But, it doesn’t make you high. It makes you hungry! Wheat is a very powerful appetite stimulant! Did you ever try to eat just one out of the box? I know I can’t do it. I eat the whole box of wheat snacks!

Get your complex carbs from brown rice, potatoes and beans. These have resistant starch which takes longer to digest. Eat fruit for simple carbs for energy. Get away from grain. Unlike what they promise you, grain (all grains like corn, oats, barley, rye, etc., not just wheat) should be your last choice for nutrition, better health and losing weight.

Remember, no grain (Refined or not. Be sure to avoid all of it. You will feel much better. Read all labels, as this is a much added ingredient to it seems just about every processed food!) no weight gain.