How We ‘Poison’ Ourselves With Wrong Food We Thought Was ‘Healthy’ To Eat…


Not only can we be ‘tricked’ by ingredient labels, we can also trick ourselves when shopping at the grocery store. How? Our stomachs take over our minds when we shop ‘hungry’. I know, I have bought all the wrong food I ordinarily wouldn’t have if I only would have eaten before I left home.

So, one important precaution to help avoid buying that which you know you shouldn’t is to eat before you shop. That comes under ‘common sense’, of which goes out the window when you look at that bag of chips when hungry! It has happened to me in the past quite a lot.

Here’s another example of poison in food: How about ‘mercury’ in fish? Yes, you could eat ‘wild caught’, but I haven’t eaten any animal products except an occasional can of sardines because I learned it has Omega 3.

But, you can easily get that by eating a few Walnuts, chia seeds and flax sprinkled on a salad or mixed in a green smoothie. Sardines are high in purines, which is something which can trigger a ‘gout attack’ in those susceptible (like yours truly.)

  1. Avoid all animal products
  2. Stay away from processed and refined food
  3. Eat your food intact
  4. This means fruits like bananas you peel and green salads
  5. How I eat, here

I’m your regular guy who used to drink beer and eat chips. I do miss them both, but I know what happens to me if I go back. And, really, once you eat plant based whole food, you realize that you can’t ever ‘go back’ to the old ways again.

Now, you will falter and fall off the wagon many times. Furthermore, after a lifetime of eating wrong, you will always be pulled back to eating the way you used to. It’s our traditions and culture that keeps us stuck. Also, it’s ‘peer pressure’. No one wants to be the ‘odd ball’ who gets ‘shunned’.

When you eat plant based whole food (80-90%) you will be in the minority. Welcome to the 1% club, my friend. Despite the lack of support you will get for your healthier lifestyle, don’t get discouraged because you will reap the benefits in weight loss, better health and increased potential for living longer. I should know, I’m ’69’ and fortunately for me, I’m still going strong.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.