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Heart Healthy Diet foods: Eat these

What is a heart healthy diet? We all don’t want to suffer a heart attack or stroke and get diabetes or cancer. So, how do you eat healthy for your heart? Basically, it’s a  very low or no fat vegetarian diet full of fruits and vegetables. It’s the key to permanent weight loss and better health. A vegetarian diet has been proven to reverse heart disease.… Read More »

Best Diet to Lose Weight and keep it off forever!

Did you know there is a best diet to lose weight? I know personally, because it worked for me. It is a diet without all the usual foods we eat. It doesn’t include processed foods that have added salt, sugar, and fats. It’s a whole food plant based diet. You eat all you want, but you only eat certain foods while… Read More »

A list of the Healthiest Foods ever

Did you know, eating the healthiest foods can help you lose weight? Eating whole food can take you back to the weight you were meant to be, make you healthier lengthening your life. For example, I am now at my high school weight and my blood pressure is lower than its ever been. I also feel better than I did in… Read More »

Diets that Work

Are there any diets that work? Absolutely! A healthy diet that can work wonders with health and losing weight includes mainly whole foods like fruits and vegetables. Personally, I have tried many diets and never found any that worked. There’s a million books out there and millions more websites that talk about their ideas about diet and weight loss. I discovered one that worked… Read More »

Becoming a Vegetarian

Have you heard eating more fruits and vegetables can make you lose weight? Becoming a vegetarian is not like you joined some kind of weird cult. You don’t turn strange. But, there are those vegetarians who preach who come off as judgmental. I have seen those same vegetarians with a soft drink in their hands and a bag of chips.… Read More »

Vegetarian Recipes that will knock grandma’s socks off!

I have my favorite vegetarian recipes a you will. For example, I love baked potatoes and beans! To stick with a whole food diet, you have to love what you are eating. Eating whole food will help you lose weight because it’s real food with fiber. Most junk and snack food is nutrient poor empty calorie food. Fiber is essential for optimum health. This… Read More »

Vegetarian Diet

A vegetarian diet will likely make you lose all the weight you ever wanted off your body. Yet, most vegetarians don’t eat as healthy as they could because they don’t know which foods to avoid. For example, if you dine at a vegetarian restaurant, the food is likely loaded with fat, salt and sugar, so it tastes even better. You don’t want this for… Read More »

How to Lose Weight safely and keep it off!

So, you want to know how to lose weight? Well, I will tell you how I did it. And, it’s free. It’s really simple to do if you follow the guidelines. But, you have to make your own food. I mean, you must prepare everything, so you know what’s in it. Processed foods you buy at the store and… Read More »