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Is gluten bad for you: The tasty alternatives

Is gluten bad for you? Wheat has gotten a good and bad rap. They say wheat fiber is good for you. But, did you know that every type of grain has its own gluten? Did you also know that grain is not very nutritious, that’s why they add vitamins and minerals to processed cereals. They also have to add… Read More »

Natural weight loss eating all you want!

It’s only natural to want to lose weight quickly. That’s human nature to want fast results! Be careful, you can get yourself trapped into a fad diet which could bring great harm to your body. Wouldn’t natural weight loss be better over a longer period time to guarantee your health won’t be destroyed? I know it’s hard to be patient… If you… Read More »

What are empty calories: A contributing factor to obesity

What are empty calories? See the photo? I think you probably have a good idea. But, it isn’t plant-based whole food like fruits and vegetables. Empty calorie foods are highly processed usually containing lots of fat and sugar. Did you know low-fat snacks have added sugar because when the fat is taken out, it doesn’t taste as good? Empty calorie food… Read More »

How to stop sugar cravings for good!

How to stop sugar cravings? This is a question I can only answer by how I deal with it. Sometimes, you don’t do too well and eat what you shouldn’t. Give yourself a break, as we are only human. Yet, after a lifetime of eating candy and drinking soft drinks, where would you ever turn to for help? Good… Read More »

How to stop weight gain by eating whole food

Eating more refined grain can cause weight gain. This page should be titled ‘weight GRAIN’. You don’t want empty calories. Everywhere you look, you see advertising that says how good ‘whole wheat’ and other grain is for you. It’s easy to buy into it. They do make the packaging pretty. But, they claim it’s heart healthy by lowering cholesterol making you lose unneeded… Read More »

Pros and cons of a ‘no grain diet’

You have heard some bad things about wheat, but that’s not where it ends. Every grain has its own gluten. You might have noticed how many foods have the added ingredient of grain. It might have corn flour, wheat flour or even soy as added ingredients. You might not think any of these are unhealthy and don’t affect you,… Read More »

How to stop eating sugar: You’d never guess it was so easy!

Is there an easy way ‘how to stop eating sugar’ when sugar is a hidden or obvious largest ingredient in almost every single refined or processed food product? First of all, sugar pervades almost everything we put in our mouths in the American society. Secondly, you have to realize (if you don’t already know) that sugar in its myriad of forms is highly addictive… Read More »

Why empty calories cause weight gain

What are empty calories? Doesn’t that doughnut look good! Anything ’empty’ couldn’t be healthy, right? When you get more calories than you need, you know what happens. You gain weight. This is especially true with the calorie ridden American diet most of us are used to. We love our pizza! But, olive oil is empty calorie and snacks like… Read More »