The ‘essentials’ of a Healthy Diet are these…

A healthy diet includes real whole food. Furthermore, eating this way will likely make you lose all weight you ever dreamt about. Of course, you will hear differing opinions on this subject wherever you look; be it on TV, internet, YouTube, friends and family, or wherever. I tell you throughout this site what a healthy diet is for me. It could be healthy for… Read More »

‘No-Oil’ Basic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Recipe

Here’s a simple ‘No-Oil’ Basic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Recipe I made the other day. I know I have recipes that have oil in them, but how I eat has turned out to become an evolving process. In other words, to ‘fine tune’ your health you will find you are better off not eating certain things like refined oils. Furthermore,… Read More »

Is There A Healthiest Diet On This Planet? What The Experts Are Suggesting We Eat…

It’s essential for maintaining vibrant health and promoting graceful aging to not eat foods causing inflammation. Continuing doing so over the years can create various ailments, conditions and disease. ‘Americans get too much Omega 6 (in many refined oils.) Research says it causes inflammation’ Through my own trial and error I found eating a majority of plant based whole food… Read More »

Tasty Non-Fat Hummus (Hold The Olive Oil!) Recipe

You can use canned garbanzos or cook yours from dry beans in your pressure cooker. This is what I do, but either way does the job just fine. This is what I call a ‘healthy snack’. ‘Try to buy celery organic, as it’s sprayed with pesticide. I can usually get it at the store, but sometimes you don’t… Read More »