Why a 1200 calorie diet may make you gain weight!

A ‘1200 calorie diet’ is not enough for some of us. For example, I need about 2000 a day while my wife needs 1800. But, 1200 calories per day might be OK for you. Many Americans take in 3,000 calories a day, even more. Who needs that much? Athletes? Healthy weight loss depends upon how much you want to… Read More »

How to gain weight, get healthier and live longer?

You might have lost more weight than planned. This doesn’t happen for most of us. But, to be sure, you might want to make an appointment with your doctor and get a check up. Being overweight or underweight is not healthy. After your visit, if all turns out alright, you might want to start eating more healthy food. But, what is… Read More »

How many calories do I need to lose weight?

Do you want to know ‘how many calories do I need’? There is a way. I discovered I need about 2000 each day while my wife requires less at 1800. Did you know that the best way to lose weight is to change what you are eating? I eat low calorie foods. Lower calorie foods will help you lose… Read More »

Vegetarian restaurants: Why they are not healthy

I could be wrong, but don’t think there’s enough demand for a vegetarian restaurant anywhere in the states for it to stay in business. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry too much about finding one. Most establishments have decent ‘salad bars’ these days. That’s enough to help you stay healthy and fill you up. They are generally ‘all you can eat’.… Read More »

Why eating low calorie foods can make you gain weight

The average American eats high-calorie meals. This site is about healthy food which also happens to be low-calorie foods. It is very low in fat, salt and sugar compared to the average American diet. Processed foods or refined grain (especially refined carbs like bread, crackers and chips) and oil are a few of the bad guys. You might think plant based whole… Read More »

Weight loss for seniors: How you can get healthier and live longer

Who said an ‘old dog’ can’t learn new tricks? Not true! This sixty-six year old ‘hound dog’ did it! I searched decades for answers to health, weight loss and longevity. Recently, within the last few years (through my own research) the pieces of the weight loss and health puzzle began fitting together. I discovered late in life there… Read More »

How to detox your body: Forget all you’ve heard

Be careful choosing ‘how to detox your body’. Why? A so called fad detox diet can be hazardous to your health. It makes no sense taking a chance on an unproven and untested fad detox powder, liquid, juice, pills or colon cleanse formula which could actually harm your health causing damage to your intestines and/or organs! If you search the internet,… Read More »

Is hummus healthy?

Is hummus healthy? I think it depends upon what you add to it. For example, when I make my own red bell pepper hummus I don’t add any olive oil or tahini. You have to read labels at the store very carefully when you buy processed hummus dip because they usually add oil. You can add just about anything you want… Read More »

Low fat diet: Becoming ‘heart attack and stroke proof’

There’s still much debate whether a low fat diet is healthiest. Some say it’s not excess fat which leads to premature death, it’s carbs like refined carbohydrates. It has been proven eating more fruits and vegetables will make you healthier, lose weight and increase life span. Don’t forget, when they take the fat out, they add more sugar, etc.… Read More »