Flat belly diet for permanent weight loss

If you want to get rid of that ‘spare tire’ you need to adopt a ‘flat belly diet’. What is that? It’s nothing complicated at all. You eat ‘real food’. No portion control. But, what the heck is real food? I was one who used to laugh at it. It’s not an ‘official diet’ more than it is… Read More »

Anti inflammatory foods: Can cure what’s ailing you

What are the anti inflammatory foods? There is a term called ’cause and effect’. Our actions cause things to happen, good or bad. As for health, prevention is the best ‘tool’ preventing many irreversible diseases. How we eat can either ‘heal’ us or ‘destroy’ our health. Personally, I have experienced bouts of gout and rheumatoid arthritis through the years. How I… Read More »

American ‘meat eater or vegetarian’: Who’s healthier?

From time to time, beginning in my twenties and decades later, I was overweight. I was always a big ‘meat eater’! How would I ever know back in the 1970’s that eating a lot of meat actually caused poor health? For example, all the beef commercials said you needed beef! Same went for milk. I didn’t feel healthy. I… Read More »

Optimum nutrition question: Do I eat or not eat meat?

What is optimum nutrition? It resides within macronutrient (protein, carbs and fats) and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) content in your food in all the right proportions. The way to better health and weight loss is: you eat a sufficient variety of plant based whole food until you are full, every meal every day. We don’t need excess nutrition, we need… Read More »

What is MSG and why is it so bad for you?

What is MSG (Monosodium glutamate) and why is it so bad for you? Furthermore, how do you avoid it if it’s in nearly everything we eat? This flavor enhancer is added to many foods, especially to Chinese cuisine. You probably didn’t know it’s added to many foods you currently eat. It’s actually one of the worst additives you could… Read More »

Why is there obesity in America? It’s the food!

Obesity in America is completely out of control and a real threat to our continued health and longevity as a nation. All you have to do is look around you. Who isn’t overweight? Why can’t some of us figure out that no matter what we try to eat, we still don’t feel right? All the fad diets do is… Read More »

The low glycemic diet: Why it is healthier

There’s so many fad diets your head will spin. If you are wondering about what a low glycemic diet is, you may want to familiarize yourself with the glycemic index possibly even glycemic load. It won’t hurt to educate yourself. What GI is, is a ranking of foods that contain carbs and how quickly they affect your blood sugar… Read More »

Grain free diet: Is ‘no grain’ healthiest?

Certain foods and drinks are triggers to one another. For example, if something you eat (namely refined grains like crackers, etc.) raises your blood sugar too quickly, you will eventually have an energy crash. You then feel hungry and will want to finish the whole bag or box! Do we continue eating what we think tastes good and… Read More »

Healthy weight chart: Why keep an eye on your BMI?

Something told me that if I didn’t start eating healthier and lose weight, I’d eventually have a heart attack or stroke. This was scary! After I started eating fruits and vegetables as my primary foods, I wanted to know what my absolute ‘healthiest’ weight should be. I decided I wanted to learn how to get healthier and lose weight… Read More »