Insulin resistance: Why eating ‘real whole food’ can save your bacon!

The exact cause of insulin resistance is not yet fully understood. Insulin is a hormone created by our pancreas and is essential to our body’s metabolism.

Digestion breaks down carbohydrates (sugars and starches) in foods into glucose (a form of sugar) which then can enter our bloodstream. Our body cells receive energy through absorbing glucose.

When we consume more calories than our body requires (when we don’t get enough physical activity and burn calories quickly enough) the excess glucose will be turned into the fat ‘all of us will wear’!

You won’t have to count calories and eat skimpy portions when eating plant based whole food. All you need do is eat all you want until full. I lost nearly fifty pounds eating ‘real food’. As an additional benefit, my blood pressure went way down!

It’s essential we know the difference between ‘good and bad carbs’ if we desire staying healthy and trim. Complex carbohydrates (or resistant carbs) are in plant based foods like pinto beans, brown rice, lentils, fruits and vegetables.

These natural foods contain beneficial fiber our bodies need slowing digestion thereby releasing glucose (blood sugar) into the bloodstream slower (this helps prevent a big spike in insulin.) Did you know ‘plant fiber’ is an essential nutrient? No animal product has it.

Bread, white rice, pasta, candy, crackers, chips, cookies, pies, cakes, soft drinks and junk foods are considered ‘simple carbohydrates’. Cutting these out (processed and refined foods) can help you lose weight, feel better and become healthier.

Additionally, reducing fat intake in our diet can help reduce insulin resistance. The more fat or oil we eat, the higher our blood sugar can spike. Plant based whole foods are naturally high in fiber and ‘low in fat’. There are though a few ‘high fat’ exceptions like nuts, seeds and the avocado. We need to ‘limit’ these in our diets.

Insulin resistance causes our body cells not to respond to insulin as efficiently as it should. This hampers glucose absorption into the bloodstream. The pancreas will be overburdened keeping up with demand for insulin. Insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes and ‘other serious health disorders’ over time.

A few possible symptoms of insulin resistance…

• Increased (bad) blood cholesterol levels
• Increased blood pressure
• High blood sugar
• Weight gain, difficulty losing weight
• Increased hunger
• Feeling tired, lethargic
• Brain fog, loss of mental focus

Blood sugar highs and lows are not healthy in the long-term. It is a wise idea eating those foods which tend to stabilize our blood sugar. Plant based whole food naturally contain precise amounts of nutrients we need to feel better, become healthier, have more energy and live longer. Fruits are fine to eat, because they contain fiber. Just don’t drink fruit juice.

Tip- Don’t skip your meals. Stay physically active. Try taking a leisurely walk three times a week. Consult with your doctor before you change your diet.