Is It Trust Health Supplement Claims Or ‘Let The Buyer Beware’?

You’ve heard of the old saying ‘caveat emptor’, which means ‘Let the buyer beware’! When it comes to money, people do all sorts of things be they legal or not. It takes money to survive, yet some want more of it and others are happy with less. It depends upon what one values.

Is greed evil? Is selfishness evil? What about spinning the truth? How about plain lying? Who am I to judge? I cannot say, for I would surely be ridiculed and corrected by someone. It seems someone’s lie is another’s truth. Is it we want to hear good news about our bad habits, and then take a pill to make us all better again?

‘When something is sold with controversial health benefits you may wonder if the sellers have good intentions and actually believe their product is beneficial or that they simply just want to make money off the sale. But, who suffers if it’s a total rip off’?

I’ve taken supplements in the past like vitamin and mineral pills. I have also used various protein powders and liquids. I also was on a high protein animal product diet from this fad diet book written by a world famous doctor which almost cost my life with a ruptured appendix. Also, I was taking an unproven pill that was supposed to suppress my appetite by expanding in my stomach making me feel full.

‘I chose plant based whole food over supplements. I get my vitamin D sitting in the sun. I only take B12 because I don’t (rarely) eat any animal products or processed foods with added vitamins and minerals’

After decades of study, I discovered the ‘hard way’ supplements were potentially harmful to my health. Within the last few years, I found eating the right food was better. But, what is the ‘right food’?

‘Play it safe, talk to your doctor first before taking supplements’

Years ago I never knew what a so called health-giving food actually was. I mean, I knew the concept of ‘eating healthy’, but there is so much misinformation put out there by those who wanted to sell this or that, that their advertising tended to confuse.

‘Diet-related diseases are the primary contributor to morbidity and mortality. The risk for these diseases can be reduced with a whole-food plant-based (WFPB) diet, but most people are never counseled on this dietary pattern [1]’.

When doing health and diet research I happened upon the NIH, where I started reading about plant based whole food. What I read told me it helped you trim down, get healthier and likely live longer.

‘Should we wait for government to protect us or think for ourselves and take matters into our own hands? I don’t know anyone who wants to be a statistic’

When you eat plant based whole food you always feel full because of fiber. You eat all you want (this, I really like!) and never have to worry about calories unless you eat too many seeds, nuts and avocados.

Source- 1 K;, Lessem A;Gould SM;Evans J;Dunemn. “A Whole-Food Plant-Based Experiential Education Program for Health Care Providers Results in Personal and Professional Changes.” Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.