Is Juicing Healthy?

By | September 11, 2022

Is Juicing is Healthy? I think it depends upon who you ask. If you shop for juicers and watch manufacturer sales videos they will state how nutritious it is. They want to sell their machines.

I used to have a juicing site, but closed it down because I stopped believing in the benefits of juicing and smoothies

Some may consider juicing because they probably don’t feel very good or have health issues.

If you don’t like eating them some say juicing can replace the USDA daily minimum of fruits and vegetables.

Although, it is easier and time saving drinking smoothies and vegetable juice instead of eating fruits and vegetables, I personally don’t believe it’s better than eating them whole.

If you are trying to lose weight juicing, you will probably start feeling hungry and want to eat real food. I wouldn’t advise losing weight by juicing or smoothies. You don’t have to suffer going hungry all the time. You can lose weight simply by adopting a whole food plant based diet and eat all you want.

Yet, if you just have to juice, you might rather blend a Smoothie. It may be more satisfying in that it fills you up more than drinking juice. Unfortunately, you don’t get the fiber you need juicing.

When blending fruit smoothies you get the whole thing minus the seeds and skin. The danger lies in breaking down the fiber at high speeds. You can get too much sugar into your blood stream too quickly. This goes for juicing too, as the fiber is almost totally absent.

Is Juicing Healthy and Nutritious for you? It’s not that it’s not nutritious, there is not much scientific research I know except manufacturer’s claims and people who have tried it and say it cured something or made them feel better.

My Experience with Juicing

I drank smoothies and vegetable juice for years. I stopped drinking both because it didn’t make me feel healthier. I also didn’t lose weight. I felt my system was imbalanced. I just didn’t feel right after drinking either of them.

From my own experience, juicing and smoothies are not superior to eating whole raw plant food. I feel much better being a vegetarian than when I drank homemade juice and smoothies

Machines can chew things up more efficiently than our teeth, freeing nutrients from plant fiber allegedly making the mixture easier to digest. But, should we drink more fruits and vegetables than we can eat? I think when you alter food by processing, you lose some vital quality. You can’t fool Mother Nature. Fruits and vegetables have everything you need just the way they are.

But, if you are bound and determined to juice, you could add some of the discarded fiber from your juicer to your drink. Why not play it safe and eat fruits and vegetables? You will feel full and satisfied.