Is There A Healthiest Diet On This Planet? What The Experts Are Suggesting We Eat…

It’s essential for maintaining vibrant health and promoting graceful aging to not eat foods causing inflammation. Continuing doing so over the years can create various ailments, conditions and disease.

‘Americans get too much Omega 6 (in many refined oils.) Research says it causes inflammation’

Through my own trial and error I found eating a majority of plant based whole food (80-90% of my diet) is anti-inflammatory. I feel it is also a preventative measure against current and future health problems. My dietary model may be a good choice to follow. It is naturally very low in fat. I am 69 years old and in excellent health.

‘A traditional Mediterranean dietary pattern, which typically has a high ratio of monounsaturated (MUFA) to saturated (SFA) fats and ω-3 to ω-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFAs) and supplies an abundance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains, has shown anti-inflammatory effects when compared with typical North American and Northern European dietary patterns in most observational and interventional studies and may become the diet of choice for diminishing chronic inflammation in clinical practice [1]’.

Certain diets like the Mediterranean and Dash have health benefits. I only took out parts of them as my own. For example, I don’t use refined oils like olive oil, eat sweets, animal products, processed food nor drink alcoholic beverages like wine.

‘I have learned to pressure cook beans, rice, nightshade vegetables and potatoes reducing lectin potency which can cause inflammation [2]’

Choosing either the Mediterranean or Dash diet are both good starting points. In other words, they are more healthful than eating fast food and frequenting restaurants [3].

‘Healthy Plant-Based Diets Are Associated with Lower Risk of All-Cause Mortality in US Adults [4]’

In ending, essential to attaining good health is knowing what’s in food you eat. Eating plant based whole food is the only way one can know for sure. How I eat, here.

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Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.