Is Wheat Bad for you?

Is wheat bad for you? Wheat has been picked on a lot as the Devil. Additionally, I have talked about it at length on these two pages: gluten free diet and against all grain. Just because something you eat tastes good and seems healthy doesn’t mean it is. Furthermore,  you have heard many times that wheat is good for you and bad for you.

Throughout this site, I discuss avoiding processed and refined food. This includes all forms of ground up grain, not just wheat. Personally, I avoid all flour no matter what it’s made from.

Grains by themselves are tasteless. They have to add salt, sugar and other flavor enhancers that aren’t healthy to make it palatable. Grain starch is included as an ingredient in many foods.

  • If you just have to have your grains, go for the minimally refined or unrefined products
  • Avoid processed or refined foods like cereal, crackers and cookies, etc.
  • If you have Celiac disease or Gluten intolerance I would avoid wheat (and all grain products to be safe until you are tested for other suspected culprits like corn and soy, etc.)
  • Wheat has Gliadin which is an immunotoxin protein which can damage our health
  • Wheat is not the only problem grain
  • Other grains have their own form of gluten which can be even worse than wheat’s gliadin
  • Wheat is addictive
  • Processed wheat products have unhealthy added ingredients like salt, sugar, oil, preservatives and additives
  • Lectin is in grain which can damage your gut with potential for causing a wide range of adverse health effects
  • Processed grain will make you gain weight if you eat it in excess
  • A so called gluten free diet may not help because you may have problems with other grains like corn, soy and quinoa, etc.
  • Humans have no nutritional requirement for grain
  • It is lacking in vitamins and minerals, unlike fruits and vegetables
  • That’s why they fortify cereal with vitamins and minerals
  • Is wheat bad for you?
  • All evidence considered, I would say we can live better without it