Juicing Diet

Do you lose weight on a juicing diet? Being that fruits and vegetables are good for losing weight; why not a juicing diet alone? That’s because juicing by itself does not provide fiber (which slows sugar absorption) while smoothies tend to release too much sugar at once because the mechanical action breaks the fiber down. Juicing fruit and smoothies raise blood sugar too fast, too high.

There is no substitute for eating fruits and vegetables whole. That’s what our teeth were made for. It’s much better nutritionally to simply chew your food. Just be sure what you eat is whole food, not refined or processed.

Drinking fruit juice is like eating sugar from the bowl with a spoon. Don’t do it. With smoothies, the fructose unbinds itself from the fiber. Fiber, when left intact, slows absorption of the sugar.

In other words, when the sugar is separated from the fiber through the mechanical action of the blender, the body becomes injured by rapid absorption of the sugar which damages your Liver, and cells of the interior of your blood vessels and arteries.

When there is too much sugar flooding the body, insulin turns it into fat for storage. You gain weight. There can be no more than about a teaspoon of sugar in your blood stream, or you will die.

It is better to simply eat fruit and vegetables because that’s what your teeth were made for. Chewing. Why would something juiced or blended be better than eating whole plant based food? It doesn’t make it better by mechanically extracting the juice and discarding the pulp or blending it at high speed.

You get all you need in one nutritionally dense package when you simply eat it. That’s why it’s made that way. We are meant to eat it the way it came from right out of the ground or plucked from the tree.

Did you know we are approximately 99% genetically similar to the apes, like Chimpanzees? Yes, we are primates. Yes! We humans are primates. What do they eat? You guessed it; fruits and vegetables. What happens when they (Apes and us Humans) eat processed foods? They get unhealthy, fast. Furthermore, they (Apes) don’t drink juice or smoothies.

I Juiced and Blended Smoothies for many years

I juiced fruits and vegetables and drank smoothies for years and there was something wrong about it that made my body feel unbalanced and uneasy. They also made me feel weak and tired. They say (those who sell blenders and juice extractors) produce can be assimilated easier by the body by juicing and blending, and that produce these days doesn’t have enough nutrients so you need more in the form of smoothies and juice.

That’s hogwash and sales hype. Buy your produce Organic if they have it, but don’t go without fruits and vegetables because they are non-organic. Soak, scrub and wash them good with a brush in a bowl of water with a solution of baking soda and vinegar.

It’s best to leave the whole food in its natural state and simply chew it with your teeth and swallow it

Juicing and Smoothies didn’t improve my health more than eating plant food whole

Again, I think you have a situation where someone wants to sell you either a blender or juice extractor. Marketers say a lot of things, some true, some not. They want to sell you something so they profit.

Juicing or smoothies didn’t help me lose weight, nor make me healthier. I rarely felt better when drinking extracted juice or blended smoothies. What did make me lose tons of weight and make me healthier was eating more fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, I have learned from my own experience juicing and smoothies are best left out of your diet. You are better off without them. Eat the food, instead. The teeth work fine to mash it up. They are your own juice extractor and blender all in one.