Lose Weight Fast

There is no way I know of to lose weight fast that’s healthy. When I was in the hospital more than thirty years ago for a ruptured appendix, I lost about ten pounds in my two week stay. Healthy weight loss may depend upon how much you weigh.

I think it fair that it might be a good idea that a four hundred pound person lose weight faster than a two hundred pound person. Faster weight loss could save his life. He or she is likely on the borderline of a fatal heart attack.

What’s the Big Hurry?

But, why be in such a hurry to lose weight fast? It didn’t come on that fast. Chances are it took years to become overweight. It took me about a year to lose more than forty pounds. But, I had some setbacks. I had to change how I ate through trial and error.

People may lose weight on a fad diet, but most gain it all back, plus even more. Why not change your lifestyle? Start eating more fruits and vegetables. It’s our natural food. It’s the way to live…

For example, my addiction to eating processed grains (by the way, they are addictive and not very nutritious no matter what they tell you) kept me stuck around 185 lbs. So, when I cut bread, chips and tortillas out, my weight came down. Therefore, if you are having trouble losing weight, you could be eating too much processed grain products. Processed grain like wheat flour can make you gain weight. It has something to do with the grain finely ground which increases the surface area.

Listen to your Doctor

I wouldn’t advise anyone to lose weight fast. Maybe, your doctor would recommend it under certain circumstances, I don’t know. I’m not a doctor. But, I do know that as my weight came down, my blood pressure dramatically dropped, my health improved and I felt a lot better.

I lost weight on a whole food plant based diet. I believe this is the key to weight loss, improved health and living longer. If you do the research, you will find that those who are the healthiest, trimmest who also live the longest, eat whole food plant based diets with no processed foods with little to no sugar, oil and salt.