Losing Weight: It’s in the Food

Is there a secret to losing weight? The diet marketers who want to sell you their diet plan would like you to think only they have the secret. The truth is, they don’t.

Is weight loss hard to do? Yes, if you don’t eat the right things it may be painfully slow. l lost over forty pounds on a whole food plant-based diet. This is what I call the ‘healthiest way to lose weight.’

I know that if I hadn’t done the research and changed my dietary habits, I wouldn’t be here right now. It’s something I knew intuitively. I knew my number came up and I’d have to change my ways. I changed what I eat. But, I never starve. And, you don’t have to run like a silly hamster on a treadmill to lose weight, either. You don’t need to join a gym or buy a lot of exercise equipment. You don’t need to do any of that to lose weight.

How did I figure out the secret to weight loss?

My information about weight loss didn’t come from just one source. It came from many. I also experimented finding I needed to slack off eating processed carbohydrates like bread and tortillas. I found the weight came off faster when I stopped eating these. I also discovered I began feeling better when I ceased consuming grains in general. This also goes for pasta.

Losing weight is easy when you know what you should be eating. And, I’m sorry to say, you will never lose healthy weight while eating junk foods or snack foods. It wasn’t that hard not driving through the drive through hamburger joints or ordering pizza, anymore. Sometimes, I get cravings. I just tell myself that I don’t eat that way, anymore.

Leaving the old ways, behind

For me, the Standard American Diet is now a thing of the past. The current American Diet will have to be rewritten because it makes millions sick and diseased. Especially, when you are middle-aged, you know you shouldn’t be eating like a fourteen year old. Right?  It’s common sense.

Our bodies just won’t do what they used to as efficiently. In other words, you can’t abuse your body with the wrong foods, anymore. It’s the wrong fuel. But, if you give it the right nutrients in the correct amounts, your body can heal itself. And, when it does, you lose weight as a bonus.

In the beginning, I wanted to lose weight, but I also didn’t feel very healthy. So, when you lose the weight you want, you are hitting two birds with one stone. If you are overweight, you probably don’t feel good, either. Furthermore, if you take medication that suppresses the symptoms so you feel better, the problem is still there covered up. And, sooner or later you are goanna pay a steep price if you don’t stop doing what’s causing the problem. And, a big problem is when we don’t eat our natural food.

The Secret revealed: plain and simple

The secret to weight loss, health and longevity is based upon a whole food plant-based diet. This is the diet we were born to eat. More and more food has been processed for our convenience. Yet, our bodies haven’t adapted to man made food with all the added fat, sugar, salt and ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

If it doesn’t come from a bush, the ground or a tree, and in its whole natural untouched form, don’t eat it. This means get rid of everything that came in a box, bag, can, bottle and package. These are processed foods, not whole food plant based.