Losing Weight Tips

You will find endless losing weight tips on the internet. You have to use your better judgement, because some advice may cause your body great harm. Just because you lose weight doesn’t mean you’ll be healthier. It’s what you eat that matters most. It’s how you lost the weight that counts.

There are people who are skinny or obese who both have Cancer and other ailments, diseases or conditions. So, weight gain or loss may not necessarily be the main determinant to whether your health is better or worse.

Healthiest Weight Loss takes time

It took me a year to lose forty pounds, and although I had trials and tribulations losing that weight, I noticed that if I ate a certain way, my energy level and the way I felt improved. The secret I found was in eating whole food. It’s eating a whole food plant based diet that made me not only lose weight, but feel a whole lot better.

I slipped on my diet and so will you. After a lifetime of eating a certain way, namely the standard American diet, it’s very difficult to stop. It’s not only cultural, but you might not have the support at home to change your eating habits that easily.

Surrounded by Naysayers?

So, it might be all on your shoulders to set a healthier example of how to eat. Slowly, they’ll catch on. They will become curious and may adopt some of your eating habits. It doesn’t help to preach. I know, because I tried it.

It just makes other people that much more stubborn because people don’t usually change until they have to. They are touchy about their food and don’t want to be told what to eat and not.

Tips for those having Trouble Losing Weight

I had trouble losing weight at first. But, when I omitted processed food from my diet, I not only felt better, I lost weight. What processed means to me, is anything that has been altered or produced by man. For example, corn tortillas, flour tortillas and bread is processed food.

They all have additives and these grains are ground up into a fine flour. For some reason, in some of us, it causes weight gain. It has something to do with increasing the surface area of the product. When eating whole foods, this will not happen. I am not saying eat a lot of Avocados. This isn’t healthy.

I am suggesting to eat mainly fruits and vegetables whole, in a mixture of raw and cooked. Don’t eat any processed food with added salt, sugar and oil and you will likely lose weight and feel better.