Low Carb Diet: Why high ‘complex’ carbs are healthier

There are so many diets, it makes your head spin. For example, there’s low fat diets. But, what do they mean when they say ‘low carb diet’? Does this mean no potatoes and rice? No bread? It depends upon who you talk to.

I have found that I keep my weight down and don’t get quick hunger pangs after I eat if I do eat whole foods like potatoes and brown rice. These are resistant starches that take more time to digest. In other words, your blood sugar doesn’t go up and down quickly as when you eat a cookie or piece of candy.

Refined carbs like flour and snacks like crackers and such act just like sugar in your body. It can make you gain weight. It can do a number on your blood sugar and can make you get more cavities.

There are good carbs and bad carbs. We don’t want to starve. We can eat all we want if we eat certain food. If you want to get healthier and lose weight, avoid refined or processed foods.

Eat your food whole. Begin choosing more plant based whole foods. But, avoid animal products like dairy and meat. Low carb diets like those that include a lot of meat, aren’t healthy. You get bad cholesterol and other harmful additives and ingredients.

Personally, I swear by my diet. My blood pressure went way down, my weight also did and my health generally improved by leaps and bounds. Get your protein from beans or lentils. Get your carbs from potatoes and brown rice.

You also need nutrients from fruits and vegetables. People who are the healthiest and live the longest primarily eat a plant based whole food diet. Let’s copy their lifestyle and be trim, healthy and live long.