Low cholesterol diet: Low fat, weight loss, better health, longer life

How I eat is a low cholesterol diet. In my opinion, if we are overweight chances are we are not healthy. I know that I for one never felt right being overweight.

You know when you weigh too much. Your clothes don’t fit, you don’t feel you look good and may not even want to leave the house! I was always depressed and had no energy. I didn’t know what to do.

Your confidence level can drop way down and you compensate for it ‘psychologically’ by soothing yourself eating even more of the wrong foods! It can turn into one vicious cycle! I understand, I have been there many times myself.

Sometimes, losing weight isn’t enough. You have seen those who are trim, yet don’t look very healthy? I have seen both skinny and overweight people alike holding a coke and doughnut in their hands. We need real food with real nutrition, not empty calories!

Someone obese or looking like they’re all ‘skin and bones’ must not be getting the nutrition they vitally need. Unhealthy foods may cause leaky gut syndrome which may seriously impair nutrient absorption potentially causing inflammation. I knew there just had to be a better way to get healthier besides paying a fortune for fad diet food delivered to your door!

I tried many diets from those best seller books and didn’t feel right eating their suggested foods. Any weight I lost, I gained right back in time. Try as I may, I didn’t come upon a permanent healthy diet solution.

I searched for years and years for a healthy way to lose weight, feel better, look better and get healthier. I was tired of buying those stupid diet books being their guinea pig! Nothing seemed to work. Somehow, I stumbled upon the idea of eating plant-based whole food. It came to me one day.

I studied this and that, and the solution became clear. I knew that if we were genetically close to the ‘great apes like chimps’, why shouldn’t we eat just like them? It made sense to me. Chimps were born knowing what to eat.

What happened to us? I thought we were smarter! Hum… I also knew that when they ate of the standard American diet, they became ill and died. Funny, the same thing happens to us when we eat high cholesterol food laden with salt and sugar. I didn’t want to suffer the extreme pain of a heart attack or become paralyzed by a stroke! Continued.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.