Low fat diet: Becoming ‘heart attack and stroke proof’

There’s still much debate whether a low fat diet is healthiest. Some say it’s not excess fat which leads to premature death, it’s carbs like refined carbohydrates. It has been proven eating more fruits and vegetables will make you healthier, lose weight and increase life span. Don’t forget, when they take the fat out, they add more sugar, etc. to compensate for flavor loss.

Through my own research and experimentation (on me, my own guinea pig) I have discovered consuming refined oil is not healthy. For example, mono unsaturated and saturated fat contained in refined oils is harmful to the endothelium, the inside lining of the artery. Oil injures it. Once injured, vascular disease may follow. We want to avoid future heart attacks and stroke, don’t we? Let’s learn how…

Injurious fats and animal protein food

• Eggs
• Dairy
• Meat
• Oil

Olive oil, corn oil, coconut oil, canola oil, vegetable oil and others cause damage to our cardiovascular system. Best advice is to avoid all oil! It has no fiber, no minerals and is all fat calories. Matter of fact, refined oil has the most calories of nearly anything you could possibly eat!

You might think meat is OK, but it isn’t. Like oil, animal protein also injures the endothelial lining of the blood vessels and arteries. You might also think dairy is alright.

I believe until somewhere in the decade of the 1970’s, the dairy industry used to advertise how healthy their products were for you, but since then it was proven their claims were false. I believe with dairy their old saying was ‘every body needs milk.’  They can’t say that anymore because it’s not true.

I forget what the beef industry used to proclaim. But, The U.S. beef supply contains traces of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and bacteria. We don’t want that. No matter what they say, animal products are not health promoting!

Meat, dairy and oil are high calorie foods you won’t eat anymore. So, you have to find another way to make up for calories you may begin craving. You may need to increase your caloric intake if you are losing too much weight and don’t feel like you have enough energy.

Eat more brown rice, beans, lentils and potatoes for calories. Increase your portions. Also, you could eat healthy snacks between meals. Don’t forget that whole ‘intact’ plant based foods in their natural state usually contain little fat. An exception to the rule is the Avocado.

Yet, an apple has fat too, but very little. It’s when man processes food adding preservatives, additives, extra fat or oil, sugar and salt that makes food problematic.

Our bodies were designed to eat fruits and vegetables and have not yet adapted to unnatural processed and refined (altered) man-made food, large amounts of animal products and genetically altered produce which has come into existence within the last fes hundred years.

According to the USDA we should eat…

• 3-5 vegetable servings (I eat steamed broccoli, bok choy and two large green salads)
• 2-4 fruit servings (I eat a variety of fruit each day)
• 2-3 dairy servings (I don’t eat it)
• 5-7 meat ounces (I don’t eat it. I eat pinto beans as my protein)
• 6-11 grain servings (I eat brown rice and russet potatoes)

Note- be sure to contact your doctor before you change your diet.