Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is running rampant in the USA. It’s called death by a mistaken diagnosis. Many are turning to alternative medicine for a cure to their ailment, disease or condition.

Although, I can’t give any medical advice or diagnose any illnesses, I can say what has worked for me.

When my wife was on blood pressure pills, I saw the many side effects and what that did to her. I wanted to learn how to get her off them ASAP.

When the doctor scoffed at what I thought diet could do for our health, he also said she would be on blood pressure pills for the rest of her life. I started thinking we needed to find another doctor and keep on doing our own research looking elsewhere for the answer to better health. Due to our own research, she is now off her blood pressure pills and has lost over sixty pounds.

It’s funny how a pill can do one thing good, but do about twenty other things bad, and they (our own US government) let it be sold on the market. Where’s our protection? This doesn’t happen in Europe

I know my health has improved while I lost about forty pounds over the course of one year. That is a lot of time to be patient losing weight, but the alternative to that are the many fad diets which can harm your health, even kill you. It isn’t worth the health risks as far as I’m concerned. You should keep gastric bypass surgery as an extreme last medical choice.

Is there a place for Doctors?

Sure. I believe there is a place for doctors, but it isn’t a good idea to create a very deep relationship with them. What that means is if you see them often, you are probably sick and need medical attention. This is not what you want. You want to break that particular brand of relationship as soon as you can. Checkups are fine, as long as they don’t misdiagnose something they find.

It is sad, but the truth is that in the medical industry, there is no money in making people well again. There’s money in medical insurance. We know that. We pay a lot, don’t we? The big money is in dying. Your death. You don’t want to die and make your doctor richer, you want to thrive and be healthy.

There is a place for doctors for sure, when it comes to ruptured appendixes and broken arms, etc. But, we should put the responsibility for our own health on our own shoulders. You can’t leave the responsibility for your own health and welfare to the government, doctors and anyone else for that matter. Everything is up to us. Remember the old saying that ‘if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself?’

The Profit Motive

This is because the way doctors make money is off prescriptions and by cutting you open. It is called ‘practicing medicine.’ I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be ‘practiced on.’

Doctors are in business to make money. Personally, I don’t believe there should be a profit motive in the medical industry. I think it’s unethical. Yet, they have a big overhead to pay for. And, their malpractice insurance is very expensive. We want to avoid pills and operations. For me, I wouldn’t change my diet for anyone. I know through personal experience it worked wonders. I don’t go to the doctor.

Funny, how if you abide by natural laws, things seem to go right. Being we are so close (genetically speaking) to the great apes, didn’t anyone think we should eat fruits and vegetables like they do? Interesting to note, that when they are fed processed food like we eat, guess what? They get unhealthy fast…

A Big cause of Death

One of the biggest causes of death is by the doctors themselves. Yes, misdiagnosis. Things do go wrong, and when they do, it can turn disastrous. Doctors make money off medical procedures. That’s why you see many alternative medicine doctors online selling books instead of having patients like traditional doctors do. The money is in traditional medicine.

I think some of the alternative medicine doctors believe they have a moral responsibility to educate people in nutrition so that they get cured that way instead of under the knife. But, they need to make money selling products, having seminars and ads you click on to make them money on places like YouTube. You see a few alternative health practitioners on public television who have to sell DVD’s to make an income.

The Misinformation

You will discover much misinformation out there, even from physicians who have good intentions. There’s a lot of quackery, no matter where you look. So, you have to sort through it all, somehow using your own better judgement.

The medical industry is big and has great influence with our government representatives who were elected to protect us. They have their own lobbyists who protect their interests. They aren’t going to let go without a fight. But, the truth is getting out there, thanks to places like the internet and YouTube. People are learning that how you eat can make a big difference in weight loss, health and longevity.

I have studied long and hard, but still don’t know it all. After all, I don’t have a PhD in nutrition. I am also, not a Genius. I am a layman. But, I have learned what works and doesn’t. I want to share what worked for me with you about how I lost over forty pounds and became much healthier.