I compiled my ‘Most Popular Weight Loss Blogging Pages’ in one place for you to read. Pages will be updated regularly.

Weight Loss

  1. How to lose weight fast eating all you want! https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3gZ
  2. Plant based whole food: The way to weight loss, better health and longer life https://wp.me/p7UEoA-34B
  3. What to eat for weight loss and health gain https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3uE
  4. Why can’t I lose weight? Do this and succeed… https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3uZ
  5. What to do when ‘stuck’ losing weight… https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3LJ
  6. How do I lose weight and get healthier? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3Jm
  7. Why a ‘low carb high fat’ diet fails and ‘high carb low fat’ wins every time https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3HD
  8. The ‘secret’ to weight loss revealed: What to eat and not https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3TC
  9. Why weight loss may be ‘unhealthful’ if you still aren’t feeling well… https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3Rp
  10. The basics of better health and weight loss ‘in a nutshell’ https://wp.me/p7UEoA-42U
  11. The benefits of a ‘No fat diet’ https://wp.me/p7UEoA-454
  12. Can I Eat Bread and Still Lose Weight? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4hL
  13. The Most Important Health and Weight Loss Focus: Calories or Nutrition? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4GW
  14. Will Eating Starchy Food Make You Fat? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4GS
  15. Low Calorie Healthy Foods for Weight Loss, Health and Longevity https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4N0

Health and Well Being

  1. Vegan vs vegetarian https://wp.me/p7UEoA-qG
  2. Whole food plant based diet https://wp.me/p7UEoA-yc
  3. How to detox your body: Forget all you’ve heard https://wp.me/p7UEoA-2WA
  4. Daily sodium intake: How much salt is ‘too much’? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3BR
  5. Holistic health: Why it takes more than healthy food? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3e5
  6. Daily sodium intake: How much salt is ‘too much’? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3BR
  7. What is the secret to a long and healthy life? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3QR
  8. Why Eating ‘Rice and Potatoes’ is Not as Healthy as You Thought https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4ka
  9. Why do People Live Over 100? 10 things they have in Common https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4iV
  10. The Truth about Healthy Food and Drink https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4fw
  11. Low Calorie Foods that can ‘Speed Up’ Weight Loss https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4wP
  12. Will Eating More Raw Fruits and Vegetables make me Healthier? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4C5
  13. Reasons Why Vegetarians and Vegans Don’t Feel Good https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4OZ
  14. Before Going Vegetarian, Do This One Thing to Succeed https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4Ua
  15. Is Soy Healthful? Should We Avoid it? It depends what Recipe… https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4Wv
  16. Why Are Oldest Living People Healthiest? https://wp.me/p7UEoA-51z

Popular Recipes

  1. Spicy Hot Tofu Vegetable Soup Recipe https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4XW
  2. Spicy Brown Basmati Rice, Peas, Mushroom and Onion Bowl Recipe https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4Uw
  3. Spicy Hot Brown mustard and vinegar salad dressing recipe https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4Tg
  4. Mean Green (or, Red) Vegan Bean Enchiladas https://wp.me/p7UEoA-4ey
  5. Simple steamed broccoli with potato, sautéed onion and mushrooms recipe https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3Un
  6. Lentil soup recipe: Healthy protein without the meat! https://wp.me/p7UEoA-30J
  7. ‘Everything but the kitchen sink’ manhandled vegetable soup https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3LB
  8. Healthy vegetarian recipes for weight loss that taste great https://wp.me/p7UEoA-3uG

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.