My Story

Once I learned how to lose weight, I got healthier. But, I noticed I still had inflammation, muscle aches and joint pains. I was feeling like a ‘bag of bones’ that creaked and popped!

Through my studies, I learned I had an ‘allergic reaction’ to certain foods which might be culprit. Among many other things, I learned what ‘leaky gut syndrome’ was and that I likely had it. Then, this site was no longer just about weight loss. Now, it is about getting healthier by eating the healthiest foods and living longer.

‘For superior health, eat food in its most natural state. For example, instead of eating processed ‘fake meats’ made from soy, cheeses or soy milk, the healthier choice is eating organic ‘sprouted’ tofu’ ~ your author

When I lost my fifty pounds, my blood pressure decreased to 100/60. I had more energy and began feeling healthier. I haven’t gained a single pound back (unlike most fad diets you see on TV.)

‘I knew I was on to ‘something’ after I lost fifty pounds. But, it did take a year because I learned chips and crackers, etc. kept the pounds on’ ~ your author

I haven’t seen a doctor in decades and no longer suffer from gout and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms (except for birthdays and holidays eating traditional inflammatory foods.) Go to How I lost 50 pounds and got healthier eating more. What do I eat? Glad you asked. Continued.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.