Oldest people: What do they eat?


Who are the oldest people that are also the healthiest? Which country are they from? For example, there’s a town in Italy where people reach one hundred years. They also live into their mid eighties in Okinawa, Japan.

In the US, the Seventh Day Adventists are those tending to live the longest. In some parts of Greece, some of its people live into their nineties. Lastly, people may live into their eighties in Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Iceland and other countries.

But, the bigger most important question is why do people live into their eighties and beyond? In other words, why do people live longer in certain cultures over others? And, are most of the oldest healthy in their age group?

Long life wouldn’t be much fun as a senior citizen unhealthy in pain and agony all the time. That’s what happens to many of us Americans. We retire early because of poor health. And, the last ten, twenty or more years of our lives are spent in and out of the doctor’s office and hospital. Not a very happy way to retire and live out the rest of your life.

Maybe, the secret to health and longevity isn’t such a secret merely involving mostly common sense. But, the evidence on longevity may be more observational than scientific in nature. There may be proof enough in seeing how the oldest and healthiest people live, adopting or mimicking their lifestyle. Living long may be simply a combination of various mundane factors.

For example…

  • Everyone knows that if you don’t smoke, you will lower your chances of getting cancer and live longer
  • That if one has friends and family, social life, a sense of belonging, hobbies, interests, things to do, and mission and purpose, he would be happier likely living longer than if he were a hermit depressed living a relatively inactive lifestyle
  • Abusing substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, medications and prescriptions usually shortens lifespan
  • We know that those who are active will probably live longer because exercise and physical activity tends to make one healthier than living a sedentary existence. Also keeping mentally challenged plays into it
  • It has been proven using animal products like eating meat and dairy is not healthy
  • People who live the longest tend to eat more fruits, vegetables and legumes. Vegetarians adopt a whole food plant based diet. This provides lower calories because of substantially lower cholesterol and fat content. Lower caloric intake can increase your years on planet earth
  • Other factors may play into living longer, like spirituality or religious convictions

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.