Optimum nutrition question: Do I eat or not eat meat?

What is optimum nutrition? It resides within macronutrient (protein, carbs and fats) and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) content in your food in all the right proportions. The way to better health and weight loss is: you eat a sufficient variety of plant based whole food until you are full, every meal every day.

We don’t need excess nutrition, we need exact amounts for ultimate health, long life, wellness and weight loss. When you consume fresh live food with fiber, you can’t overeat. It doesn’t let you do that. The fiber fills you up. You are satisfied and satiated. But, how do we lose the weight we want and get healthier without any doubts?

The fad diet people will want to make it seem complicated so you leave it to them to decide what good health means for you. They are in it for the money. They are in business. Profit is their main game. Do you really think they care about you?

I write about health and weight loss as a public service. I am sharing what I am certain has delivered better health and permanent weight loss for me. I have tried most fad diets. They failed me. Yet, I have done my health studies and homework, even though I am not a doctor.

But, do you have to be awarded a PhD to read PhD level documentation and understand it? That’s a resounding, NO. Who doesn’t know how to look up a word he doesn’t know in a dictionary?

You simply need to be skeptical, having an open mind. You must verify, test and check your sources of information out. Your diet needs to work right away and show results to be believed.

If you can read, you can find the truth. It’s out there easily accessible on the internet. You don’t even have to go to the library or buy a book anymore! Knowledge is at the click of your mouse.

Honestly, there is much ‘misinformation’ out there about health, weight loss and longevity. We not only have to know where to look for accurate information, we need to know how to spot the ‘bogus half-truths’ which need to all be weeded out.

Although, I hesitate to put my ‘faith’ in what some so called health experts (even doctors) say is true, I always put my faith in nature and it’s precise ability to nourish our bodies.

For example, an apple has everything you need in all the right amounts in a pretty little package. Next time you read some health claim by someone, especially a health practitioner, be sure to notice how healthy they look. If they look sickly, run!

Although, men do lie, does the apple? Proteins, simple carbohydrates, fat, and the vitamins and minerals don’t have to be measured for they already have been measured by nature herself.

The apple and every fruit and vegetable is perfection, only you just can’t eat fruit. You also need vegetables because they provide what nutrition (mainly minerals) fruit hasn’t.

Nutrition begins in the mind. It’s a lifestyle change. We have to adopt a new standard, which is: if it’s empty calorie food lacking significant nutritional content, we don’t eat it.

Low nutrition and empty calorie food has not only caused our weight gain, but most often the myriad of health problems we currently may suffer from.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.