How to Start Eating Healthy?

Here’s how to start eating healthy: choose plant based whole food from the Continue reading “How to Start Eating Healthy?”


Vegetarian Meals

Why shouldn’t I eat animal products (such as meat, dairy and eggs) instead of vegetarian meals? They are all animal protein causing injury to the Continue reading “Vegetarian Meals”

Is Wheat Bad for you?

Is wheat bad for you? Wheat has been picked on a lot as the Devil. Additionally, I have talked about it at length on these two pages: gluten free diet and against all grain. Just because something you eat tastes good and seems healthy Continue reading “Is Wheat Bad for you?”

Fruits and Vegetables

So, why would anyone want to adopt a whole food plant based diet largely composed of fruits and vegetables? If you are overweight and tired of feeling sick and tired, you are in need of a Continue reading “Fruits and Vegetables”

Why is Sugar Bad for You?

Why is sugar bad for you? Or, how can something be so bad and taste so good? It’s like a moth to a flame. Sweet poison. Addictive. You just can’t Continue reading “Why is Sugar Bad for You?”

Healthy cooking oil: Why all are unhealthy

Is there a healthy cooking oil? Throughout this site I consistently tell my readers refined and processed oils are Continue reading “Healthy cooking oil: Why all are unhealthy”

Lectin based food poisoning: Foods to cook more and eat less of

Beware: If you ate nuts and seeds the day before and the next day you experience joint, muscle or any mysterious pain anywhere this could be Continue reading “Lectin based food poisoning: Foods to cook more and eat less of”