Plain old ‘off the grid’ pinto beans recipe

Did I mention I like beans? I just had to write an additional article about an alternative way I make beans. If you love beans, you will certainly love my easy pinto beans recipe!

Pinto beans are delicious and very economical. I buy two ten pound bags of these at a time at Costco™. They are prewashed by their manufacturer, so you don’t have to rinse them off. You still cook them in a large crock pot. You can make enough to last a week or two.

You make a much better sauce not draining the initial liquid out and not rinsing the beans off.

Cooking beans overnight will lessen the effects of lectin. I can’t eat beans out of cans because they don’t seem cooked enough.

  • I rarely eat meat (small piece of turkey on Thanksgiving,) so beans during the day are my main protein source
  • Beans are rich in essential fiber and also a resistant starch
  • They have B vitamins. Folate is essential in producing new cells also helping keep existing cells healthy. Therefore, eat your daily beans and keep looking young

Here’s my pinto beans recipe…

  • Put an overflowing 2 cups of pinto beans in big pot
  • Fill to top with water
  • Bring to boil
  • Turn off heat
  • Let set an hour
  • Fill water back to top beans
  • Put two to three cloves of garlic in
  • Cut up one onion
  • (I may add extra spices like cumin, paprika, chili powder, black pepper, oregano and crushed tomatoes during the last two hours  or so of cooking)
  • Pour it all into large crock pot and cook beans on medium during the day and on low overnight (I cook them about 24 hours. From noon one day until noon of the next)
  • The longer you cook beans, the less ‘gassy’ they will be on your digestive system!
  • The more you eat beans, the less they affect your digestion. You get used to them
  • Check for tenderness and when beans are done, ladle them into individual containers large enough to make two to four meals and put in refrigerator
  • Freeze the rest and defrost as needed
  • Be sure to eat your beans with brown rice or on a potato
  • You can put salsa on top

Pinto beans are filling and satisfying. Certain staples will be your favorites for meals, and beans are something that always satiates! Find those things you like to eat and you will stick with eating like this.

I eat pinto beans everyday for lunch with a huge green salad. I don’t use tortillas. Instead, I use a romaine lettuce leaf for burritos. I limit beans to about a cup a day, same for rice.

I also eat one to two baked potatoes. One fried in the morning and one baked at dinner. Any more than this, it tends to make me feel tired. I explain why I eat how I do, here: WeightLossBloggingshoppinglist

Fruits supply your simple carbs, as they are easier on our bodies to assimilate. But, it seems foods like beans, potatoes and brown rice fill us up keeping us from getting hungry again too soon after we eat.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.