Plant Based Diet

Will I lose weight on a plant based diet? There are many names or phrases used these days defining whole food. Take your pick.

For example, a whole food plant based diet is pretty much a vegan or vegetarian diet. It gets really confusing, and you end up eating things that are unhealthy and make for weight gain when you use processed food.

I don’t want to get into splitting hairs, here. But, what we are talking about with losing weight vegetarian, is eating mostly raw and cooked fruits and vegetables with a few selected whole grains like brown rice, potatoes, legumes, and beans without using any animal products like dairy, meat, and eggs.

There is another hitch to it which is in my opinion essential for continued good health and longevity. That’s by using no oils and processed foods with salt, sugar and oil. Too many so called ‘healthy diets’ utilize oil to cook with, it’s drizzled on salads, and is added to prepared food you buy at the store.

What you have been told by the processed oil industry is wrong. All oils, saturated or not are not healthy. In other words, Olive Oil is not a health food. Get it out of your life along with all the other cooking oils, butter and margarine

You have to know what’s in the food you eat. That means, you need to read all the labels. But, if you eat a whole foods plant based diet like the one that made me lose forty pounds, made me healthier, and lowered my blood pressure; you use no oil, and you buy no processed food. You then know there is no added salt, sugar and fat because you prepare all your own food. That’s the only way you are goanna know what’s in what you eat, for sure.