Pros and Cons of Juicing

What are the Pros and Cons of Juicing? Some believe drinking fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies isn’t any better than eating fruits and veggies whole, while others swear by the many healthful benefits they have received.

There is no scientific evidence I know of that proves drinking juice is better than eating fruits and vegetables. I juiced for many years arriving at the conclusion it unbalanced my system. I have since adopted a whole food plant based diet. I not only lost weight, but maintain it becoming healthier in the process

Yet, if you do not eat any fruit and vegetables at all, it is likely better to drink vegetable juice with a small amount of fruit in it than not at all.

You could think of a green smoothie like drinking a green salad and juicing vegetables like a supplement to a healthful diet…

Smoothies or Juice?

Some believe drinking a Green Smoothie is better than juicing, because you get the added benefit of the plant fiber. Yet, extracted juice by machine or beaten with high speed blender blades, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Although, when you mechanically break down the fiber of fruit, nutrients are released possibly more easily assimilated by the digestive system. But, you also receive too much sugar at once because it has been unbound from the plant’s fiber. Fiber is what slows down sugar from being absorbed into the bloodstream too quickly.

It has been proven there are health benefits from a whole food plant based diet…

The question is: Why would it be superior extracting the juice throwing away the fiber when you have teeth to chew whole fruits and vegetables?

The Problem with Sugar

There are known health risks over time flooding your body with too much sugar by drinking fruit juice.  Constant highs and lows in blood sugar is not healthy. Smoothies are most often made with only fruit. You could add more leafy green vegetables or even a Cucumber, instead.

If you just have to drink green juice and/or smoothies, I would limit each to no more than one sixteen ounce glass per day. Furthermore, whether it’s a smoothie or juice, make sure you use more vegetables in your extractor or blender than fruit. Add only enough fruit to add flavor and sweetness. Make sure you use only those fruits and vegetables you like to eat so you’ll stick with it.

My Conclusion

To conclude, I juiced and made smoothies for many years. It always made my body cringe and feel imbalanced. It didn’t make me healthier. It positively didn’t make me lose weight like eating whole foods.

I have since adopted a whole food plant based diet (Vegetarian) of cooked and raw fruits and vegetables. I eat all I want anytime I get hungry. There is no portion control. You simply eat certain fruits and vegetables. No calorie counting except you might fall into not getting enough of them. And, if this is the case, you will crave calories likely craving the wrong foods containing higher fat, sugar and salt. Therefore, to solve this, you will eat more fruit, potatoes, rice, beans and count your calories until you reach your calorie target zone. My wife requires 1800 calories a day, while I need  a bit more at 2000. So, listen to your body, it will tell you things.

I not only feel healthier because of changing the way I ate, I also lost all the weight I ever dreamed about currently down to my High School weight. My blood pressure is low and I don’t suffer from any health conditions and feel I have many more healthy years left to live because I eat right and no longer juice or make smoothies.

Personally, I don’t recommend juicing or smoothies. I do though highly recommend adopting a whole food plant based diet. In my opinion, chewing your food is sufficient for absorption of nutrients.