Reasons Why Plant Based Whole Food Diets (Often) Creates Positive Change To Ones Life…

When one turns vegetarian or vegan, he has changed his lifestyle. Same goes for eating plant based whole food. Food is very important. It can either cure or kill. Eventually, I learned through trial and error that what I ate was keeping me overweight, making me unhealthy and shortening my life.

‘Why would anyone think eating a mere cookie, doughnut, hamburger, pizza and fries could be so dangerous to ones health when they taste so good’?

It didn’t happen right away, and it took some time, but I lost my taste for eating meat. But, some things are insidious and not so obvious. By this I mean when you eat processed and refined food, ingredients you didn’t know were there that you don’t want, are there.

‘I am a different person not just because I am older, but that I have become healthier than I was when much younger’

I have found dairy is not healthy to eat. This means all dairy, even the cream in ones coffee. Everyone wants to hear good news about his diet and we don’t want to change as long as we are feeling good. But, I know those who have various ailments, conditions and diseases who haven’t made the connection between health and what they are eating everyday.

‘You likely will not be supported by those around you for eating 80-90% plant based whole food. Because, if you wat this way, you like I, are in the 1%’

Personally, I don’t believe I would be alive today if I hadn’t changed my ways of eating. I would recommend a plant based whole food diet to anyone for weight loss, improved health and longer life. I am living proof it is working wonders. You might want to ‘model’ me. Here’s how I eat, here.

‘If eating processed and refined food takes you away from eating animal products, how can that be such a bad thing if it’s only used as a temporary solution’?

For example, the seventh day Adventists tend to be among those in the world who live the longest. Eating plant based whole food isn’t necessarily what you’d call vegetarian or vegan. They both eat processed and refined food.

‘There’s so much misinformation about which food is healthy and not, it has created mass confusion’

For example, a person might eat spaghetti (which is not plant based whole food.) He might also believe it’s healthy doing so. Yet, the spaghetti is refined through processing. The same individual may also add olive oil because of hearing it’s good for you.

‘When one feels healthier he likely develops a more positive outlook toward life in general’

Both pasta and EVOO are not  plant based whole food. This is just one of many examples of what plant based whole food is and is not. When one eats intact vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains like rice, legumes like beans and tubers like potatoes, he is hitting the mark.

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.