Relieving Bodily Aches And Pains: Everyday ‘Offending’ Food Removal Checklist…

I have found food very powerful for good or bad health. We can leave responsibility for our health totally to doctors who know little about nutrition and prescribe pills to ease our symptoms.

But, these medications may bring more side effects than relief. Pills don’t cure. We suffer aches and pains for a reason. It can be the ‘food’ that can cause ailments, conditions and disease or cure.

I am human like everyone else and want to hear good news about bad food and drink. It takes willpower, even more than that to combat ingrained food addictions and cravings. Tradition and culture often cannot be overcome gracefully.

If you suffer from aches and pains, don’t be your own doctor. I, on the other hand have been my own ‘test rat’ learning a few things about food I eat. I learned what I must avoid, otherwise I know I will suffer the next day…

These below kill beneficial gut bacteria (let’s try to repair our gut permeability)

  • I let tap water sit for chlorine to evaporate
  • Don’t drink Soda because of phosphoric acid
  • No Coffee because its oils kill beneficial gut bacteria
  • Sorry, Alcohol kills everything it comes in contact with

Buy organic/let’s avoid pesticides

Don’t like aches and pains? I don’t eat these…

  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • All Meat
  • Wheat, soy, corn

Avoid that which potentially may make your gut ‘leaky’. Many substances can make ‘holes’ in your gut lining making it permeable to that which should never ever be allowed to enter our bloodstream.

These foreign particles (Did you know most protein or food particle can trigger a bad painful reaction inside our joints?) can lodge themselves in our joints and bodily tissues creating swelling and pain, even rheumatoid arthritis (of which I am prone.) Therefore, we must seek out (under a physician’s supervision) the culprit foods which must be eliminated one by one.

This is called an ‘elimination diet‘. Did you know that other inflammatory conditions are named asthma, eczema and psoriasis which can be related to ‘leaky gut syndrome’?

Within days, our bodies will feel which foods to avoid. In other words, when one removes offending foods, his aches and pains will tend to noticeably subside and/or possibly disappear.

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.