Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus Recipe

In your search for more snacks to eat, you might want to make yourself roasted red bell pepper hummus. If you haven’t tried it before you might even be wondering what the heck hummus is. You might be missing out on something good! Try it, you might like it!

At least, you might want to try it. It might be a good thing you’ll want to add to your snack list when you get hungry at night.

I tried some roasted red bell pepper hummus my step daughter picked up and brought home one day at the store and liked it, so I endeavored to make my own healthier version without all the fat that was probably added to it. Of course, my brand doesn’t taste quite the same, but I know it doesn’t have things harmful to your cardiovascular health like Olive oil.

I realize hummus may not be universally popular but it’s a quick and easy snack I like when I get hungry and begin looking through the refrigerator and cupboards for all the wrong things to eat…

This recipe like all the others on my site is my own creation and is fairly simple to make yourself. Here’s how I do it…

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus

  • 1 cup or so of Garbanzo beans from a can (or cooked from scratch like I do)
  • The same amount of roasted red bell peppers (any brand will do fine)
  • Add one to two tablespoons of ‘tahini’ sauce (sesame seed paste.) I don’t use it anymore because the sesame seed oil causes me inflammation
  • Add 1/4 teaspoon or a dash or sprinkle of the following spices to taste: Garlic powder, Paprika, Cumin, Black Pepper and Chili Powder (or, you could bypass all of this and substitute red enchilada sauce and/or your favorite brand salsa. It’s whatever tastes best and gets you to eat it as a snack instead of the wrong foods)
  • Dash of hot sauce of your choice
  • Small amount of Lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar for tartness
  • Add tablespoon or two of water to assist blending
  • Pulse or blend it in your Cuisinart for a couple minutes or even a regular blender until smooth
  • Toast one or two English whole wheat muffins and spread as much as you like on top
  • sprinkle generously with chopped up green onions

Note- before you change your diet consult your doctor.