Senior Whole Health


If you don’t feel well, it’s probably a good time to take a quick look at what things you eat. Senior whole health isn’t just diet and exercise. But, how many overweight seniors have you seen who seem healthy? You probably also have seen seniors who are not overweight, but don’t appear to feel that good. Lower weight doesn’t always equate with good health.

Although diet isn’t everything, it does play a major part in everyone’s health, whether young or old. And, if you are not feeling well, it’s never too late to change what you eat. Diet can mean the difference between good or poor health.

Some of the oldest and healthiest people live in Japan. Why? I think they are relatively happy. I don’t think it’s just how they eat. Unfortunately, with the advent of fast foods like hamburgers and pizzas, etc., the Japanese are suffering health wise. Their traditional diet included mainly rice, vegetables and meat in small amounts, but modern life is taking its toll.

In countries where their people live longest, seniors are revered and taken care of by their family. They aren’t shipped off to some old folk’s home. Social and family ties are as important as eating healthy food.

If someone is alone and lonely who has no one, they may turn to 
abusing substances like tobacco, alcohol and other drugs or 
even prescription medications. They may be depressed with
thoughts of suicide. Appearance may not reveal this. 
You just never know how an unselfish act of kindness may 
better someone's life...

No matter what your situation, although it may be easier to say than do, it’s better to give things the benefit of doubt and think positively. It’s not always that easy to do. But, the truth is that thinking negative never makes anything better, most often it does the opposite.

How one thinks can change a good mood into a bad one, even to the point of sickening the body. How you think draws either positive or negative conditions and situations to you.

It’s hard to believe sometimes that our lives may be of our own total creation, be it good or be it bad. It’s amazing how much power there is in how one chooses to think about people, things and the world we live in. Positive thoughts make us feel better. Negative thinking drags us down.