Still Getting Those Mysterious Aches And Pains Eating Plant Based Whole Food? This Might Be Why…

The truth is that we all may struggle throughout our lifetime to overcome ingrained bad food habits. For example, you might think eating plant based whole food may not be as healthy as you thought. But, the truth may be you are still unknowingly eating refined and processed foods.

You and I can ‘trick’ ourselves not paying close attention to what’s in the foods we eat. So, never go shopping hungry. If you do, bad food temptation will win out every time.

‘When being overweight is no longer the problem, bad food temptation will be on the attack when you aren’t paying attention and let your guard down’

The longer I ate plant based whole food, the more my body was sensitive to eating and drinking unhealthy food and drink and the red flag raised up in pain. Currently, I eat 80-90% plant based whole food.

‘Be sure to pressure cook your rice, beans, potatoes and nightshades to reduce lectin potency’

Yet, I keep experimenting with some of the old foods just to be sure (without a speck of doubt) I shouldn’t have them in my diet anymore.

‘Unhealthy food sells because it’s addictive in nature. Mainstream media makes millions advertising. Will they reveal benefits of eating plant based whole food when there is no big money behind it’?

I experimented months using extra virgin olive oil. I felt it harder to breathe using it on my salads and drizzled on popcorn. It gave me pain in my right side chest muscle and between my right shoulder blade.

‘A plant-based diet is a diet consisting mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants, including vegetablesgrainsnutsseedslegumes and fruits, and with few or no animal products.[1][2][3][4]

Gall bladder? Heart? Who knows, but didn’t want to push it and find out the hard way. So, I gave up EVOO. I already knew all refined oils are inflammatory and not health-giving to our cardiovascular system.

‘You might be taking vitamins instead of eating right. Vitamins and minerals can be toxic. They’re no substitute for real food’

I think it’s the nature of bad food to be addictive otherwise we wouldn’t be pulled to it so often. Who wouldn’t pick up a piece of chocolate candy if a box were left open on the counter top and no one was looking?

‘I still get aches and pains eating wrong food choices on birthdays, special occasions and the holidays. Your author should know better’

Source- 1 “Plant-Based Diet.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 26 Sept. 2020,

Note- consult your doctor before you change your diet.