Why You Are Never Too Old To Eat Your Way To Better Health…

This post is actually for anyone, any age. Plant based whole food works for everyone young or old. Go figure how and why different societies and ethnicity created their menus. But, everyone on earth suffers the health consequences of wrong eating. It happens that when you change the food you eat, your taste buds do change their preferences. Really. You eventually learn what the healthier food choice is… Continue reading “Why You Are Never Too Old To Eat Your Way To Better Health…”

Why They Don’t Teach Healthy Eating On TV

When young you know you have a lot of time left. As you get older, at least for me, time becomes more precious. If you’ve experienced pain and you learn it was caused by food, your menu choices diminish. But, in a way, you get more when you decide to go vegetarian. Continue reading “Why They Don’t Teach Healthy Eating On TV”

Why ‘Low Glycemic’ Foods Are Healthiest

I try to ‘stick with’ eating the lower glycemic fruits and vegetables. I have learned those with diabetes,  must be careful about the type of carbs and amounts of fats he eats. If you eat the right carbs you will not be eating snack and junk foods. What can one eat as a substitute to combat our bad food cravings? Continue reading “Why ‘Low Glycemic’ Foods Are Healthiest”