Is Your Life Going In The Direction You Love?

I haven’t exactly had a personal history of thinking positive enough. That’s why I write about this very subject now. I’ve learned a few things about the mind and I have a few ideas that so far seem to work for me. In the past, I had written a book about mental attraction, but what I am writing now is somewhat different based upon my own experience. Continue reading “Is Your Life Going In The Direction You Love?”

Positive Affirmations: Will They Make You Rich?

Besides weight loss, health and longevity, I have written a few essays about positive thinking, meditation and well being. Somehow, these are all related. But, I decided ‘why limit myself’? It’s all subjective and this author’s opinion. Writing is good for what ‘ails’ me. And, I hope something herein helps you at least in some small way… Continue reading “Positive Affirmations: Will They Make You Rich?”

A ‘Free’ Technique To Stop Bad Food And Drink (and, other poor habits)

We all have self destructive bad habits we’d like to get rid of or have disappear. But, making them go away may take a little work, yet maybe not quite as much as you might think. You might want to give up drinking coffee because it makes you feel too jittery or you also may be drinking too much alcohol. Maybe, you are a hamburger and french fry lover somehow knowing you must change your diet ‘before it’s too late’. Continue reading “A ‘Free’ Technique To Stop Bad Food And Drink (and, other poor habits)”