Why Health and Weight Loss Depends Upon Eating Only Real ‘Alkaline Whole Food’

I have talked in previous posts about the importance of an alkaline versus acid diet. A plant-based whole food diet is basically an alkaline diet. If you don’t eat meat, use oils and drink alcohol this should help prevent an overly acid condition in the body called, acidosis. Continue reading “Why Health and Weight Loss Depends Upon Eating Only Real ‘Alkaline Whole Food’”


Your healthy grocery list: What foods to buy

What exactly is a healthy grocery list? You will get a million and one different opinions about what you should eat and not wherever you look on the internet. This site is not a scientific study, but totally layman in nature. Yet, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of the information presented.

I explain to you in common everyday language what diet works for me. Yet, even though this site was written by myself, chances are the way I eat will work for you bringing similar healthful results, including weight loss. Why? Because both of us are basically the Continue reading “Your healthy grocery list: What foods to buy”

Alkaline Diet: It saves your ‘bacon’!

You might have heard about an alkaline diet. But, what is it, really? Is it healthy? Will it help you lose weight? There are lists of alkaline and acid foods to eat, but which ones do you eat and avoid? Our bodies have a natural healthy pH which is slightly on the alkaline side at somewhere around Continue reading “Alkaline Diet: It saves your ‘bacon’!”