‘Big Bowl’ Potato, Bean And Kale Lover’s Recipe

I wanted to share my most favorite but nutritious recipe. As you know, I love beans and potatoes. And, if you do, you surely will love this one. On any of my recipes you can substitute different vegetables or add more. Continue reading “‘Big Bowl’ Potato, Bean And Kale Lover’s Recipe”

Will Starchy Vegetables Make Me Lose Weight?

You have heard that potatoes make you fat. But, this isn’t necessarily true. It depends more upon what you top them off with. Sour cream and butter can add unwanted calories. Although, fat will make you fat, too many refined Continue reading “Will Starchy Vegetables Make Me Lose Weight?”

Are potatoes good for you? Yes, if you buy these…

Are potatoes good for you? Maybe, the real health question is: is starch good for you? Nevertheless, I eat one or two organic baked white russet potatoes every day. I fry one in the morning usually eating a baked potato at night.

Did you know that regular potatoes are notorious for Continue reading “Are potatoes good for you? Yes, if you buy these…”