Is eating Grain worth the risk: Why it may be healthier to ‘skip’ it

is grain worth the risk to your health, gluten free, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, immune reponse

There's a lot of good and bad talk about about grain in that innocent looking bowl of cereal we may eat everyday. But, how do you know what you should believe? Foremost, you should learn to trust how your body feels after you eat grain. For example, if you eat bread, do you feel like …


Daily sodium intake: How much salt is ‘too much’?

daily sodium intake, salt, hight blood pressure, health, nutrition, plant based diet

What is the proper daily sodium intake for adults? We all know too much salt isn't healthy for you. We have been told over and over, it increases our blood pressure. But, is that all it does? Researchers suspect salt may also activate what's called 'T helper 17' cells, which can activate an immune response …