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Best foods to eat

What are the best foods to eat? It depends upon how you define ‘best’. In my opinion, the best foods for you are Advertisements

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Healthy Meals

How you eat can help you lose weight. I have found that healthy meals are composed entirely of

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Food Addiction

You probably knew snacks and junk food made you gain weight. But, did you know what is hidden in many processed foods that is as addicting to the receptors of the brain as Opium? A good reason to avoid

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Will I lose weight becoming a Vegetarian? There’s probably not an exact definition of vegetarianism everyone will agree on. But, it’s more than simply eating

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What is a Vegetarian?

What is a Vegetarian? I seem to hear so many conflicting things about what one is and isn’t! In the sixties and seventies I didn’t have a clue except I knew they probably didn’t eat meat. But, that’s about all I … Continue reading

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Becoming a Vegetarian

Have you heard eating more fruits and vegetables can make you lose weight? Becoming a vegetarian is not like you joined some kind of weird cult. You don’t turn strange. But, there are those vegetarians who preach who come off as judgmental. … Continue reading

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