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How to lose belly fat

Wondering how to lose belly fat? I had that problem and I narrowed down what was causing it. Having a bigger belly is dangerous because there may also be fat surrounding some of our internal organs. It could be the … Continue reading

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Fruit and vegetable diet

A fruit and vegetable diet is more a state of mind and lifestyle. It’s a new way of eating that’s actually an old ancient way of eating we have rediscovered. Fruits and vegetables are our natural food. We are almost … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Meal Plans

There are unlimited weight loss meal plans you can choose from. But, they will cost you plenty. Why not eat foods that cost you no more than your current grocery bill? That’s exactly what I do, and the weight stays … Continue reading

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Refined grains and weight gain

What’s the connection between refined grains and weight gain? There is a connection, because when I excluded all

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Easy vegetarian recipes

Most all vegetarian meals are easy vegetarian recipes. For example, what I usually eat are beans, potatoes and broccoli. You can’t get any simpler than that! I buy ten pound bags of pinto beans from Costco™ that don’t need to be … Continue reading

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Best Weight Loss Program

I am a do it yourself kind of guy. I began searching for the best weight loss program many decades ago. In the past, before the internet, if I wanted to learn something about something, I would either buy a

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Healthy Diet Plans

There’s so many diet plans, which one do you choose? We want healthy diet plans. For example, there’s the

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How to Lose Weight Fast

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to lose weight fast? There’s those who believe faster is better. But, I wouldn’t trust fast at the expense of my health. They want you to think only they hold some great truth about weight loss. … Continue reading

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Whole Foods

What are whole foods? Eating them can help you lose weight. What are they? I can tell you that it’s real food that has not been processed. It is an

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Weight Loss Programs

There are so many weight loss programs, but you wouldn’t know which one to pick! I tried one that nearly killed me. It put me in the hospital with a ruptured appendix! I believe most diets cause more

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