Plant based whole food: Why it makes you lose weight and get healthier

What exactly is plant based whole food, and why does it cause you to lose weight and make you healthier? Good question that deserves a good answer. The fast answer is that it isn’t processed and refined. This means you eat Continue reading “Plant based whole food: Why it makes you lose weight and get healthier”


Cabbage and white bean soup recipe: Thou must enter ‘cabbage heaven’!

I simply love cabbage, but I love soup, too. Everyday, I add cabbage to a salad. I have learned that fruits and vegetables aren’t Continue reading “Cabbage and white bean soup recipe: Thou must enter ‘cabbage heaven’!”

Beyond diet reviews: The real reasons losing weight saves lives

The right answer or solution to weight loss, better health and longevity goes way beyond diet reviews. I don’t have the scientific or technical knowledge or credentials, and don’t claim to. But, at the same time I don’t really have to.

I am writing about what’s been working for me for the last few years. I have a mind and I can read and write. That’s all I need to be able to discover what actually works in a real down to earth sense.

And, I am sharing it with you as a public service. Free. You don’t have to join Continue reading “Beyond diet reviews: The real reasons losing weight saves lives”

Easy weight management: Here’s the trick

It’s not easy losing weight, but sooner or later we have to take matters into our own hands and confront our eating addictions. If we wish to shed pounds, we have to alter our Continue reading “Easy weight management: Here’s the trick”

Low Carb Diet: Why high ‘complex’ carbs are healthier

There are so many diets, it makes your head spin. For example, there’s low fat diets. But, what do they mean when they say ‘low carb diet’? Does this mean no Continue reading “Low Carb Diet: Why high ‘complex’ carbs are healthier”

Good food: In the ‘produce’ isle, not the meat counter

What is good food? Or, what food is good for you? There are people who seem healthy who eat everything they want, don’t see a doctor and don’t gain a pound. I am not one of those lucky ones.

There are many foods we have been told by the media and elsewhere that’s Continue reading “Good food: In the ‘produce’ isle, not the meat counter”

Alkaline Diet: It saves your ‘bacon’!

You might have heard about an alkaline diet. But, what is it, really? Is it healthy? Will it help you lose weight? There are lists of alkaline and acid foods to eat, but which ones do you eat and avoid? Our bodies have a natural healthy pH which is slightly on the alkaline sideĀ at somewhere around Continue reading “Alkaline Diet: It saves your ‘bacon’!”