After All These Years: I May Have Just Stumbled Upon The ‘Ultimate Diet’

How do you know the best fruits and vegetables to eat? There are foods you may still have a reaction to. For example, the nightshade varieties may bother you. These are vegetables like the tomato, cucumber, eggplant and various peppers. All this information can make your head spin… Continue reading “After All These Years: I May Have Just Stumbled Upon The ‘Ultimate Diet’”

Feeling Tired, No Energy? Try Eating More of These…

If you feel tired on a vegetarian diet, you may need to eat more plant-based whole food. Your solution may be as easy as adding more calories. But, where do you get healthy calories when you used to get ‘bad’ calories in abundance from foods like meat, dairy and oils?
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‘Americanized’ Chicken Free Chinese Veggies and Rice

I love take-out Chinese food, but it doesn’t love me back. Of course, I also love burgers, pizza, jack and coke, French fries, buttered popcorn, steaks, baked potatoes with butter and sour cream, fried chicken and junk food of all kinds that will soon kill me dead. Hungry, yet? Better go and eat something that’s good for you, instead.
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How to cook Brown or Basmati Rice the healthiest way

When I make rice, I want the least arsenic as possible. But, how much arsenic is good? Actually, none at all. But, if we love our rice, I guess we eat it anyway despite the hidden dangers. So, is there anything we can do to offset the arsenic in rice? Yes, there is… Continue reading “How to cook Brown or Basmati Rice the healthiest way”

Brown rice: Did you know ‘arsenic’ is in it?

Although, I like rice, I love potatoes even more. We crave particular carbohydrates. Brown rice is nutty tasting and chewy. I used to like eating white rice better. But, I reduced the amount I ate of both as soon as I discovered they had Continue reading “Brown rice: Did you know ‘arsenic’ is in it?”